What is Business Process Management? 10 special topics selected for you

What is business process management after all? Well, it would be a great challenge to summarize all about BPM in just one article. That is why we selected 10 posts that we consider are very enlighten and will help you understand exactly what business process management is and what can it do for your company, in a practical way. If you click in each of the links, you will broad you knowledge about BPM in a factual and easy way!

Ready to know what BPM is? Go ahead and read!

10 points of view about what business process management is

1 – BPM definition

Business Process Management is a disciplinary approach to identify, design, execute, document, measure, monitor, control and improve business processes, automated or not, to achieve consistent results, aligned with the strategical goals of the organization.”

Want to know other definitions as good as this one? BPM definition

2 – Process definition

The whole idea of BPM is to improve a company through improving its processes. However, what exactly is a process? Why its improvement will help the company?

A process is a set of activities performed by a person or a group of individuals, aiming to achieve a common goal. There are three types of processes, based on the value they deliver to the client.

Know all about them and identify them in your company.

3 – Business Process Mapping

One of the most important things to know about BPM is the process mapping. Its object is to understand how the process works now and how they will look in the future. That is why many called it process TO BE.

Know what it is and how to get to model the processes in your company.

4 – Business Process Management Outsourcing

BPO is a growing concept adopted by many companies nowadays. It is about outsourcing the services that are essential, but not part of your core business. Therefore, it is much more efficient to hire the specialized services of another company; with all the hardware available and labor you need, without having to spend thousands of dollars.

BPO to help you grow!

5 – How to cut costs with BPM

There is no point in knowing what business process management is if you cannot use it in a practical way. BPM automates the processes, and finds out the ways to cut costs and preserve quality!

Know how: reduce costs with BPM.

6 – Continuous improvement

Business process management is not only about automating. The quality of the processes and activities is a priority! BPM is a project that has to be part of the company’s culture. It never ends, being a repeated and everlasting development.

See the details: two methods of continuous improvement.

7 – Quality process

Customers don’t care so much about service prices anymore. They are looking for quality relationships, punctuality, payment conditions, etc.

For this reason, all the transaction inside the company must be organized and perfectly understood.

8 – BPM and its benefits

So, what are the real benefits business process management will bring to your organization? One of the most relevant ones is to bring competitive advantages to the company. When the processes add value to the products or services, giving the clients a perception of the value delivered, bringing profit and customer loyalty.

Read about 5 benefits BPM will achieve

9 – Business Process Analyst

The business process analyst is somebody that knows about the business process management. It is a professional that is increasingly being requested by companies, and it is highly valued. He analyses the processes, looking for improvement points and bottlenecks. He then establishes what has to be done to improve and align all the processes with the company’s goals and strategies.

Read more: business process analyst.

10 – BPM as the most efficient and effective way to improve your business

Do you know the difference between efficiency and effectiveness in business? If your company achieves only one of these concepts, it will fail in its goals. A process can be effective and not efficiency, thus not deliver the value to the client.

See how BPM influence in that!

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  • It’s cool to see organizations coming together to help business functions and customer needs. There are so many things that go into this though and I have no idea how it even really fits in a business. This helped me a ton though and I see that it begins with the practices of the managements and works it’s way throughout the company.

  • Andrew Sande
    May 29, 2020 10:34 pm

    I have read your article and got enlightened by your amazing knowledge and understanding of BPM! You made it appear so simple yet very vital for every organization. Am a Ph.D student and currently developing a research proposal on BPM.


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