operational efficiency

How to achieve 3-step operational efficiency

Imagine a company that produces shock absorbers for heavy trucks. One day, one of the product managers decides that they want, at all costs, to achieve operational efficiency in the process of manufacturing chrome shock absorbers. After many studies, time…
brainstorming methods

Solve problems with these 3 brainstorming methods

You can be sure that all of the mankind’s great ideas went through different concepts and approaches before people considered them original and revolutionary. This helps to demystify the view that geniuses have creative flashes and, at one and the…
lean project management

Lean Project Management: Get back to basics to avoid waste

Created in Japan, more specifically inside the Toyota factories, lean project management, lean manufacturing or the Toyota production system has the customary objectivity characteristic of Japanese efficiency. So we’ve summed up its objectives in 7 wastes which you should avoid.…
what is bpi

What is BPI and how can you benefit from it?

BPI (Business Process Improvement) wasn’t designed to confuse people. On the contrary, its goal is actually to make everything clearer and more objective, making organizational activities perform more efficiently and assertively. Therefore, before we answer ‘what is BPI?’, let us…

Process Automation Consulting: Make Adjustments Online

Those who provide process automation consulting services are dedicated to a multidisciplinary job, involving several professionals, inside and outside the company for which the service is being provided. This means that information exchanges, integration, and teamwork are critical. Not just…