Business Process Management Outsourcing helps companies keep focusing on its main business

In all business sector, some processes are not part of the focus of the company (the Core Business). We call them “Support process” and their goal is, of course, to support the operation of the business.

In this context, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a universal tendency, increasingly present in the organization of the most different market segments.

But what exactly is Business Process Management Outsourcing and what is its goal?

The concept of Business Process Outsourcing as a market necessity

Nowadays, the business world is more competitive, demanding and selective. Sometimes it’s brutal!

The need for productivity, cost-cutting, and profitability makes many of them focus their efforts on the core activities.

With that, an inevitable question arises: how to do this, when there is a series of processes that, although secondary, are indispensable to the good performance of the organization and the success of the business itself?

The solution is to outsource some of these processes. It’s the concept of Business Process Outsourcing.

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Business Process Outsourcing Benefits

A service of BPO assures, among other things, that the contracting company receives the services of experienced professionals and usufructs of hardware and software specially projected to executes specific processes of its daily life, without losing excellence.

Through BPO, many companies can improve, in a gradual and substantial way, both the productivity of its employees and the quality of certain administrative activities. In avoiding the unnecessary use of its resources, these companies can reduce costs and get higher profit margins.

Two of the most relevant and common Business Process Outsourcing services are the Workflow, aiming to automate and optimize business processes, and the Business Process Management, to measure, monitor and manage these processes.

Also, see BPM best practices.

How to Outsource Business Processes

When a manager decides to hire the services of BPO, he should have in mind how necessary and indispensable it is to do it with the help of tools and systems supplied by specialized companies.

A reliable software, with many functionalities and unique resources, allows that the managers define, model, execute, monitor, improve and automate the processes in a clear, comprehensive, transparent and flexible way. As a result, the company will get more competitive and will be able to focus all their resources and efforts only in the main activities related to its segment on the market.

For example, a bank offers opening of accounts, payroll logs, and bills. Just some of these services are the main core of the business. Install the payroll system on computers is not the core business of the bank. It is smart of the organization to outsource the services they are not specialized at, hiring another company to perform such services, saving money in training, hiring and installing.

All businesses need accounting and legal support. Few companies have these professionals working inside. It is cheaper and more efficient to hire an outside company to do these kinds of jobs, making BPO a great asset in the business’s performance.

Now that you know what Business Process Outsourcing is, read more about Workflow Engine

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