Managing processes can be simple, easy and intuitive

Diagrams scattered across multiple computers?

With HEFLO all your process diagrams are stored in the cloud. You can access from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Professional documentation, download of the flow as a picture, exportation and version control.

Documentation on paper or PDF? No!

Go to the next level! By using HEFLO’s portal you can distribute your documentation online, it is fully participatory, and it contains a strong visual appeal.

Have your processes gone out of control?

Then, it’s time to put the house in order. Define processes, clarify responsibilities on your team, set up forms and deadlines, and standardize the operation. Get to know HEFLO’s business process control capabilities and turn your business into an competitive organization.

In what direction is your business going?

With the HEFLO management panels you can make decisions based on real facts. Management is better with numbers.

Success Plans for Your BPM Project


For those who want to learn how to diagram processes with BPMN notation.


For those who want to scale their business, be more competitive, organized and rationalize costs.

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On-premises, Shared Cloud, or Private Cloud. What is your need?

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Integrate information systems

Do you have a sophisticated technological environment? So count on our cloud web services technology hosted in the world’s largest and best data center.

6 reasons to organize your processes with HEFLO

Complete control of your business processes.
Increased ability to delegate tasks and manage deadlines.
Decisions based on numbers and indicators.
Provide services to your clients with greater transparency, efficiency and quality.
No noise or failure in responsibility exchange.
Greater engagement of your team in the improvement cycle.