What are the benefits in adopting a business rules system?

What are the benefits of adopting a business rules system?

Imagine that you’re an insurance broker for corporate clients. You make daily visits to several clients and need to present proposals for the most diverse types of claims, for companies of various sizes and industries. Have you ever thought, every…

Understand RPA and how to implement it in your business

No, don’t worry, we’re not talking about humanoid robots running around your company! What happens is that with digital transformation generating real business revolutions, a focus for organizations has become getting their employees to use their time and energy to the fullest…
business process automation examples - bpm

5 real business process automation examples

Business process automation aims to make processes more efficient and effective in organizations, through the use of appropriate technologies, integration of information and systems, and workflow control, creating the possibility of real-time monitoring, reliably and securely. Do you want to…