5 benefits of Business Process Management

Business Process Management is more than a tool, is a methodology that, if well implemented, can understand your company in details that you never thought possible. In understanding, it can cut costs, increase profitability, improve communication, bring effectiveness, and much more BPM benefits!

Everybody knows that BPM is a powerful method that can solve your company’s problems while making it grow. However, what are some real life and proven BPM benefits? That is what we will approach next.

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5 BPM benefits that will make you want to implement it now

1 – Wastage reduction

When we talk about wastage, we mean all kinds of wastage. Resources, money, time, efforts, all these are essential for a company and must be wisely allocated. If this does not happen, the product/service may be delivered, but not on the most effective way. This causes client’s dissatisfaction, loss of money and disorganization.

With BPM, the processes are scanned and understood, thus making it easier to spot bottlenecks and improvement points. We cannot fix what we cannot understand, and BPM brings the best tool to understand the company: process mapping. To map a process is to organize all the steps, participants and information that the process holds. This will result in a better allocation of resources and removal of redundant tasks and therefore in a wastage cut. This is a priceless benefit of Business Process Management.

2 – Better visibility and higher control

BPM works with tools that turn process automation into reality. All the steps before that, like mapping, modeling, executing and optimizing will result in processes that are so effective that they can be automatically spread through all the organization. Process automation is all about getting the most optimized and effective processes of your company and making them automatic, thus reducing human interaction and increasing transparency.

Once the processes are automatized, they become available to all the staff. Everybody can visualize and understand the process and their role in it. The manager has access to all the information, can see in which step the process is and what everybody is doing. This BPM benefit will clearly result in more organized processes, more transparent actions and more effective results.

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3 – Reduced costs and higher profitability

If we reduce wastage, we reduce costs. If we control more a process, making sure it does not take any unnecessary step or unwanted action, we increase revenue. It is as simple as that. The process of implementing BPM into your company can be long and apparently complex, but once your team is on board and the goals are set, the increase of productivity is a certain benefit.

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4 – Compliance and safety

A sometimes forgotten BPM benefit is safety for your company. BPM tools and software give managers and shareholders control over the entirety of the processes. It also assists organizations documenting and implementing internal policies and controls. There is no doubt that this makes a company safer, more organized and reliable.

5 – Better communication

Common employees’ complaint is about the lack of information, unsafety about what exactly is expect of them and absence of communication between sectors. With BPM, this will radically change, as all the information is easily accessed and updated by all. The roles, as well, are determined and clear, making the job much more organized and the expectations controlled.

The benefits of Business Process Management can take some time to appear. However, they are lasting and dependable. The whole culture of the company must change to receive the BPM methodology and really embrace it. With the control that the method offers, it is easy to measure just how much the company improved and grew! Now that you know the benefits Business Process Management can bring, see how to successfully implement it here!

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  • I really like the fact that you BPM can help a company have more transparency to its employees and clientele. In my opinion, transparency is one of the most important aspect of a business’ image, so optimizing it can do a lot for your image. Plus, I think it would help you maintain a lower turnover rate!

  • Thank you for this post. It is very informative. Business Process Optimization is important as it creates an environment of ongoing monitoring, analysis, and adjustments when necessary. Know more at Ingenero.com


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