Process definition and useful applications

An organization works as a system, as a group of processes related to each other and that interact to achieve common goals. These processes are executed continuously by the people who integrate its workforce. The goods or services delivered by the business processes are the entry to one or more processes, until its arrival to the final consumer.

It is the technical definition of the process, what about the practical one? On a daily basis, a business process involves predicting who will execute each activity, which tools will be used and what is the outcome expected to that task.

A business process is a continuous and recurring work, a series of sequential steps adopted by an organization with the aim to produce a desirable result. Let us think about the service part in a store. The business process is defined by the steps taken since the interaction with the client at the moment he arrives at the store, until the after-sale moment.

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Why is it important to process definition to have a clear design of them?

The business processes, when well design and defined, can reduce operational costs, by better using the resources and prevent unnecessary and redundant tasks. They are crucial to increase productivity and services quality, leading to client’s satisfaction and therefore raising sales. It is the best process definition that applies to company grow.

Clear flows and management possibilities give the company the chance to grow productively and to be well prepared when facing the high competitiveness we all know exists today. Monitor all that is done in a big, medium or small company enables to use the resources better and invest in tools that will accelerate and ease the business goals, like Business Process Management.

Understand the processes definition and the three primary categories:

  • Business (or client) process definition: the ones that characterize the company’s actuation and are supported by other internal processes, resulting in the product or service that an external client receives.
  • Organizational processes definition: are centralized in the company and allow the coordinated functioning of many subsystems of it, aiming to the general functioning . assuring the adequate support to the business processes.
  • Management processes definition: their focus is the manager and his relations, and include the measurements actions and the company’s performance adjustment.

Each of these categories is subdivided into processes types, distinguishable from one another from its ability to generate value, its primary flow, its performance and the orientation relating the organizational structure. Now that you understand what the processes definition is, see how BPM will help you optimize them and make your company grow.

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