Learn why HR process automation is strategic

If the establishment of processes and workflows has been featuring as one of the bases that guides the modern notion of organizational management, the presence of technology is another major factor. The creation and modeling of processes creates alignment and…

The technological innovation process and its 8 steps

The technological innovation process consists of a series of phases necessary to implement improvements or develop a new production process, product or service. There are two ideas about the origin of technological innovations. One argues that the technological push comes…
discontinuous technology

What are discontinuous technology inventions?

Discontinuous technology inventions, also called radical innovations or disruptive innovations, are those that don’t only add an incremental value to an existing invention but which actually create a new invention that meets needs that were not previously supplied to consumers,…
logical access control

Logical access controls assured by automation

Identity management is essential for operational effectiveness and also organizational strategy. However, not all business owners and managers realize the importance of adopting practices to facilitate logical access controls to programs used in the execution of activities provided for in their…