BPM methodology is the most efficient and effective system to process management.

Do you know the difference between efficiency and efficacy? These two concepts of the BPM methodology can often be mistaken by one another since they are at first glance similar. They are, in fact, slightly but importantly different.

In companies, processes are considered efficient when they achieve a goal utilizing the least amount of resources possible. Efficacy evaluates to what extent the companies objectives are achieved, no matter how they got there.

In the business management environment, it is crucial that organizations are efficiently competitive. When they are more efficient than its competitors are, they deliver its products or services with fewer costs and do this with more quality, which increases client’s satisfaction.

In contrast, it is not useful to be efficient and not have efficacy. Goals need to be achieved in amount, and that is the dilemma faced by most managers when dealing with process administration: how to find the balance point and simultaneously reach efficiency and efficacy?

The answer is in BPM methodology, also known as business process management methodology. This method has helped many companies to raise their quality level in ways never seen before.

What exactly is BPM methodology?

The primary purpose of business process management methodology is to model, control and continuously improve all the processes’ flows, inside and outside of the organization, being they business processes, organizational processes or management processes.

The BPM methodology consists of a group of management techniques that allows companies to know, study and manage in a professional and integrated way all these processes. It also helps them detect accurately eventual flaws that were not seen before, thus making the processes both efficient and effective.

Some benefits when using BPM methodology

  • A substantial cost reduction, consequently increasing profitability.
  • Time-saving in all the process structure, thus shortening deadlines.
  • Speed and agility to detect and solve problems in processes.
  • Leap in quality, both in the operational and corporative performance.
  • Better visibility and competitiveness.

How to implement the Business Process Management methodology in you company

To begin using the bpm methodology, the best choice is to do it with the correct tools and specialized systems. These resources are capable of automating all the process management and can make the lives of those who are part of the company easier.

When choosing a software to implement the BPM methodology, is important to know if it enables in a full, clear and flexible way that the managers define, model, simulate, execute, monitor and perfect all the company’s processes, mapping them from beginning to end. To know some essential process mapping techniques, continue on our website.  If you still have questions about what BPM can do for your company, click here and find out more.

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