How to improve communication within a business

Companies are becoming more and more concerned about strengthening communication with customers.

It’s usually done by creating new channels, investing in telephone exchanges in customer service centers and hiring professionals to update social media networks. All of this is because they know that maintaining good communication is of vital importance, and so is, therefore, the need to invest in it.

However, many businesses focus 100% on external communication and end up forgetting to pay attention to something quite essential: the need to improve communication within a business.

Recent research on how to improve communication within a business conducted by Deloitte shows that employees of companies are more dissatisfied with the internal communication of their companies than with their salaries. Between 78% and 80% of people say they are poorly informed about the company’s shares, while the average dissatisfaction with pay is only at around 60% of individuals.

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Unfortunately, it is also known that the vast majority of companies only engage in promoting internal communication improvements between sectors and employees after they start to lose money due to severe communication problems.

But you do not need to wait for the communication of your company to suffocate in chaos to improve. If your adopted business model is no longer meeting your businesses needs, it may be time to review some points and invest in the implementation of more modern and efficient methodologies. One such method is the use of BPM to map processes, which is aimed at avoiding future problems.

How to improve communication within a business using BPM?

When the flow of information is manual and depends solely on the discipline of the employees involved in the process the possibility of failure can be high, and often due to inattention, processes can be severely compromised.

A solution to eliminate these shortcomings and improve communication in the company is to optimize communication between areas by mapping processes with BPM, by utilizing BPM software.

Understanding how to improve communication within a business by using improvement tools avoids not only losses but also creates a much more harmonious and efficient work environment.

Adopting a BPM tool is to opt for sound management since BPM process mapping, and process automation provides an optimization of activities performed by the company avoiding failures and static communication between departments.

Among its many benefits, BPM process mapping provides better organization and systematization of a company’s activities. It also improves communication between individuals and sectors, providing a favorable environment for sound management and good results.

Mapping the paths of each process facilitates their control and supervision, through the use of indicators.

The mapping process also promotes the rapid detection of non-conformities, as well as possible improvements, reducing administrative and production costs and prevents the information from being lost during the company’s activities, and promotes easy illustrations of the duties and responsibilities of each sector.

So if your question was how to improve communication within a business, we hope we’ve helped. For a better understanding of BPM, check out: The BPM approach

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