BPM approach: how to easily implement it

Business managers that wish to seize the strategical advantages from the BPM approach to the processes can follow the tips we gathered in this article. In that way, the implementation of this method in the company’s culture will run smoother, aligning the staff that is going to work with this tool.

BPM approach is a complete solution to the process management. There are, although, human and psychological factors that, regardless the excellence of the method, can make the assimilation slower. We cannot forget that people will interact with the BPM software, and they will have opinions, expectations, habits and feelings.

Also, see BPM as an effective and efficienty method.

To speed the intake of the new element in the organization and ease the receptiveness to the BPM approach we need to know, even briefly, the rooted procedures in each area of the company that will be affected. The information gathered will serve as the basis to assemble a presentation aiming to tranquilize and give confidence to the staff. The adequacy with the company’s strategic vision, that now involves business process management through a new approach and software, should be perceived as big step to all.

BPM approach from the user’s point of view

The human factors involved must be analyzed previously, always with the user’s perspective in mind. Therefore, the manager can accelerate the commitment and satisfaction of the staff when using the BPM approach. If we do not pay attention and predict the organizational noises, they can appear in many sectors of the company.

The users must be encouraged to understand the benefits that this approach will bring to their daily work, and also the advantages to the organization as a whole, instead of just receiving instructions of how to use it.

Acclimate to generate better responses and comfort

Training sections to use the BPM approach will have a better response when involving an acclimation regarding why the changes are happening, and the tools are being replaced. If the manager anticipates that employees of a particular area will be more reluctant with the changes, it is important to prepare a speech that neutralizes this possible feeling. What we intend to do is to make each and every employee comfortable and excited about the changes in routine, and confident that the future is going to be positive for all.

Think about the acceptance of BPM approach case by case

To the adoption of the methodology happens in the most responsive way, each instance has to be analyzed beforehand, and every positive aspect regarding the staff must be enhanced. In that way, everybody will be aware of the changes being something positive. We can talk about, for example, the learning process and the use of the BPM approach being extremely relevant to the resume of the employees. The BPM approach is strategical not only to the company but also to the users on a professional level. See 5 benefits that BPM will bring into your company now!

Prepare the presentation of the BPM approach beforehand

It is important that all the personal leaves the presentation aligned with the methodology, and sure that this approach is an important solution that is being implemented in all the levels. To ease your preparation for this moment, remember these tips:

  • Design customized diagrams, contemplating each area, even dismembering them in levels if necessary.
  • Insert in boxes of each sector the probable causes for resistance – only for the manager responsible and not to be showed in the presentation.
  • Match to each resistance factor a definite answer that neutralizes it to approach in the meeting.
  • Know the tools used presently, and highlight the performance gains to come with the new ones.
  • List the improvements for every sector and level.
  • Use a personal tone to emphasize future professional upgrades.

The BPM approach is extremely beneficial to a company. It will reduce costs, increase productivity, better the communication between all levels and standardize the processes. It is crucial that all the people involved see this and embrace the changes, thus making the improvements real. Now that you know how to approach BPM with your staff deepen your knowledge and see some BPM best practices and unknown difficulties.

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