The process of business communication: What not to do

The process of business communication is vital for a company to achieve its goals. This statement may even seem obvious, but many companies disregard this valuable concept and continue to use precarious forms of control and task monitoring.

Old spreadsheets and e-mail continue to be used indiscriminately for tasks that are beyond their operational capabilities, generating errors, failures and communication noises that can have serious results.
Thus, the lack of suitable methods affects the processes of the company as a whole.


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Some of the common problems caused by manually made controls and monitoring are as follows:

  • Unsafe Data
  • Outdated Information
  • Poor monitoring capabilities
  • Difficulty assigning responsibilities

For these and other reasons, we recommend the adoption of BPM technology, and we would like to list some of the practices that you should avoid at all costs in your company, as follows.

Do not rely on a manual flow of information

A company that relies solely on the discipline and organization of its employees to ensure an adequate and reliable flow of information is really risky.

And if a failure occurs, a document is lost, or a staff member claims that they haven’t received a particular report? The whole process can be compromised causing grave consequences for the company.

The ideal solution is to make use of a BPM tool to optimize the communication process in business and ensure it is safe, reliable and available in real time.


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Adopt isolated solutions

The various departments and areas of a company must not only register its information in isolation, but share it with the other departments, generating a flow of information which will facilitate not only the communication process in companies but the correct execution of the tasks that make up its processes.

Thus, a department will not progress to a process without other areas involved being made aware or have given their approval. For this, a BPM system is necessary and ensures efficient communication and control of continuity of information flow.

Do not look for a BPM system only after serious communication problems

Prevent, anticipate from the facts. You have to control, monitor and streamline processes. And for that, information should flow and be accessed easily.

Using BPM can dramatically reduce failures in the process of business communication, integrating its areas; optimization becomes possible using continuous improvement of processes, controlling and monitoring them through indicators.

Good communication is the key for companies to cultivate a favorable environment for an aligned management with the organization’s strategic goals and achievement of better results.

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Do not use e-mail to control the process of business communication

Companies need more advanced systems so that their processes occur efficiently.

There is a real need to rely on functions to secure automated monitoring, complete clarity in the allocation of responsibilities and use mostly automatic alerts indicating any disagreement that might happen. And this kind of operational efficiency can only be achieved with the use of BPM tools so that you can build streams and interact intuitively with the system.

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