How to increase interdepartmental communication using BPM

In a recently shared interview here in this BPM blog, Cassiana Bovo, strategic and quality management expert and business consultant, talked about the importance of Process Mapping in the quest for continuous improvement of the activities performed by companies. She stressed that companies seek to do Process Mapping to find out how to increase interdepartmental communication and with the implementation of the methodology, a solution can be found.

How to increase interdepartmental communication?

According to Cassiana, the words communication and information technology have been in recent years the focus of the business world.

“Entrepreneurs, seeking to optimize productivity, are computerizing a means to control, monitor and streamline the production process, be it in manufacturing, retail, wholesale or services,” -said the consultant.


Currently, the use of BPM tools and methodologies that add features to its implementation, such as Process Mapping, for example, are alternatives that companies seek to optimize their work activities and achieve good results from a process of continuous improvement.

“A trend that is already a reality in large corporations, and is becoming accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises, is the implementation of Process Mapping (BPM) as a tool to reduce miscommunications between the various departments of a company,” explains Cassiana.


According to the quality management specialist, using a BPM tool must be closely linked to the strategic planning of the company. So, it’s effective in the pursuit of continuous improvement of the processes carried out.

“The adoption of BPM brings significant results to the tactical and strategic levels of organizations, regardless of size, because scripting the way to go (the process), facilitates the control and monitoring of processes through indicators, promotes rapid detection of non-conformities and improvements that reduce administrative and production costs, prevents the information from being lost during the course of the company’s activities and promotes easy viewing of the duties and responsibilities of each sector, ” -she adds.


“The mapping of processes (BPM), for its many benefits, provides better organization and systematization of the company’s activities, as well as an improvement in communication between individuals and sectors, providing a favorable environment for sound management and getting good results “concludes Cassiana.


If you want to know more about how to increase interdepartmental communication, learn about BPM process mapping techniques, here.

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