Business process optimization, master the concept with examples

Business process optimization is part of a methodology called Business Process Management. This method believes in improving a company through improving its processes. A process is a set of actions performed by a person or a group of people and designed to achieve a final goal (see more: process definition). If all the processes of the company are optimized, working in the best possible way, the whole company will feel the results, and all the staff will work better.

BPM steps

  • Process identification: separate the processes that need optimization, and focus on them.
  • Process mapping: map the processes, understanding who is part of it, what are the steps taken, the information exchanged and the goal. This tool can help you in this phase: HEFLO BPMN Modeling Tool.
  • Process redesign: in the previous step, you surely recognized bottlenecks and improvement points. Improve or remove them and model the process as how it should be.
  • Process execution: execute the process! Get everybody informed and implement the process in a new way.
  • Process optimization: in the execution step, you saw the process in action, and could check what worked or not, if new improvement points appeared. Now it is time to boost the processes with all your knowledge.
  • Process automation: now, with everything working the most effective way possible, automatize the processes throughout the company.

Business process optimization examples

The optimization step is one of the most important ones. With the business process optimization, examples of improvement abound. Here are some of them.

A simple but clear example is an industry that produces candy. The process has always been the same: the chocolate is turned into little balls by a machine, then the first layer of covering is added, then the final layer with the color chosen is added, then the first packaging and finally the second is added.

Now the company realized that less time would be spent if the first and second layer of packaging came attached to each other, being put at the same time. Also, the first layer could also be already colored, reducing the number of machines used. They will, therefore, simulate scenarios with these possibilities, study the possible results and them optimize it and execute. It is an example of business process optimization that can save a lot of money and resources for an industry organization!

Another business process optimization example is the social networking marketing. Let us assume a company wants to post something on Facebook three times a day. They assign someone to take care of that, the employee thinks about the posts, and three times a day takes time to log in to Facebook, write everything and publish it. Note that like this we are spending time, preventing the employee to focus on other tasks and spending resources three times a day.

Optimizing this process, we would get the employee to plan the posts for a week or two weeks, and get a software that publishes it automatically. Thus, the posts will go up punctually, daily and consistently. No matter if there is someone to do it or not.

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A final business process optimization example can be a fast food restaurant. Usually, people go in line without knowing what to order. It is not uncommon to see people talking with the attendants, asking about the options and what comes with the food. It takes time, makes the liner bigger, the orders accumulate, and potential clients feel demotivated by the wait and eat somewhere else.

The solution: assign one employee to stand on the line, ask the customers what they want, clarify doubts and write the order, giving it to the client. Like this, when they arrive up front the order is complete, and the process goes much faster.

These are just some of countless business process optimization examples we can mention. To optimize processes is to save money, add more value to the customer and motivate the staff. Do not forget to look for a reliable software and professional when optimizing the process in your company, since this will set the difference between success and failure. Learn more about business process optimization here and star to apply it!

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