How to create a business process model in 10 easy steps

How to create a business process model in a company? If you have that question in mind, it means that you are thinking about BPM. For that to work, it is crucial to know that it is not enough to define and map processes, it is necessary to create an effective process culture in your organization, that lasts and generate results. Disjointed efforts, without planning and leadership, do not gain synergy and end up not being applied. It is crucial to have everybody’s support, starting with the high management, which needs to be convinced about the need to create processes in the company.

10 steps in how to create a business process model

If you are persuaded that create a business process model is a way to go, check this list of steps to concretize this goal.

1 – Communicate everybody: we are creating a business process model in the company!

An endomarketing campaign, informing all the staff about this new perspective and its strategic importance will make it clear what is expected of each one and the results wanted. It must permeate all the process, show advances, news and which step of the business process model is being created. It has to be motivating since the engaging of the staff is fundamental.

2 – Formalize a business process office

The process office will be responsible for all the management of process creation, researching about methodology and tools, always looking for the best practices and keeping a close relation with the strategic goals of the company.

3 – Define the Value Added Chain of the company

All businesses search to meet client’s needs through a series of coordinated activities that culminate with the product/service delivery. How to create a business process model in a company? Defining well this Value Chain.

4 – Relate processes with the corporative strategy

The processes created in a company must have a strict relation with the business strategy. All that is defined must have as a goal bring this strategy to success. Therefore, you should know how each process would contribute to this.

5 – Define priorities in creating business process model in your company

Which processes must be prioritized and are more important to achieve the goals defined by the company’s strategy? Start by them, avoiding that your initiative of implementing BPM in the company turns into a long and endless romance. You need to show the benefits, prove results and gain increasingly more supporters in the project.

6 – Map the AS-IS processes

To create a business process model in a company we have to know how the processes are running presently. Even though these activities are not formalized, you need to clearly define, among other things, the following points:

  • Information about the process
  • Activities list and their order
  • Description of such activities
  • The logical ways of the process
  • Problems and bottlenecks

See for more details: AS IS process mapping

7- Analyze and diagnose the processes

Now that you understand how the process works today, you can see the improvement opportunities and precisely identify how to create a business process model in your company.

8 – Define the future of the process, how it is going TO BE

Optimize your processes. Formalize with details, through documents, how the new process will be executed in the future.

Understand: TO BE process mapping.

9 – Implement the new business process model

It is a crucial step. Here we must make sure the changes happen efficiently. The managers of the affected area in each process to be improved need the help of the business office. Especially in the definition and following of the KPI – key performance indicators – so that they can measure the results, make decisions, manage and adjust the application of the new process.

10 – Improve the process in a continuous way

All of us have heard about continuous improvement of processes. It must happen through measuring, always. After implanted and initiated, the understanding of how to create business process models goes beyond, it never ends. We must always check how we are going, and improve more.

Now that you know how to create a business process model in your company see some BPM best practices and start implementing now!

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