Business process controls: Promote internal collaboration

Anyone looking for business process controls should keep in mind that rather than supplying data for value chain control, they will be used for process design and its continuous improvement.

It’s because process modeling follows a six-step cycle, BPM life cycle: Use the 6 stages to get results!:

  1. Strategic Planning and Alignment
  2. Analysis
  3. Design
  4. Implementation
  5. Monitoring and control
  6. Improvement

When we reach the sixth stage, we return to the beginning: The strategic plan of the company and its objectives are aligned again with the current process, a new analysis is done, the process is redesigned, and so on, in a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.

In this context, business process controls must go further, they should work as process version control software as well as, process control and optimization software, all in a single integrated tool.

Thus, everything that has been done before can be searched, similar process versions can be tested and compared, and there are many other advantages such as teamwork, integration, and collaboration, which we will detail below.

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Advantages of Business Process Controls

If business process tools have process version control and optimization software, work in the company will be greatly facilitated, see how:

1- Teamwork

Process modeling, control, and improvement is a job that requires a multidisciplinary team, including, process owners, analysts, investors, process office staff, consultants, and a direct relationship with whoever is in operation, as well as customers.

Thus, business process controls that allow the creation of many improved versions, without losing any previous ones and is accessible through the cloud, with real-time updates, can allow everyone to share partial ideas, exchange suggestions, present innovations, collaborate at the same time, and much more.

A process from one team member can be edited by another, without the previous version being lost, and in a way that the colleague can also enjoy what was developed.

2- Documentation

We have talked about business process controls that went beyond just that: we want process control and optimization software that saves previous versions and is based online, with remote access.

And now, we want even more: we want this software to document modeled processes at the click of a button instantaneously!

Yes, this is possible, and it greatly facilitates the exchange of information, not only among team members but also with other areas, internally and externally, such as customers.

HEFLO already has this feature for generating documentation automatically, with a pleasant and friendly, easy to understand and very complete layout!

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3- Process Library: Knowledge Management

What if these business process controls, since they can archive previous versions, had a process library where past projects that worked well could be studied, some processes or subprocesses could be standardized, and all of this could be used as inspiration for each new challenge?

In addition to archiving your processes in an intuitive and practical way, HEFLO periodically offers several ready-made process templates that have been developed and tested by a specialist, so you can use and edit them as you like, making it much easier to save time on your day-to-day tasks.

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HEFLO is a free process modeling tool that has been very useful for many companies and professionals, see what this user has to say:

Depoiemento03“Some time ago I was searching for an alternative to the expensive, and not very practical Visio. I found some other solutions, but there were always operating difficulties, such as, poor support (unfriendly staff), or difficulty in learning and using the software. And with these things in mind, after a quick search I found Heflo. It was easy to register, understand and develop, as I was constantly supported. The team and tools are exceptional, and I’ve become one of your customers. Thank you everyone at HEFLO”

Marcio Zilli – A&Z Consulting


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