This business process modeling tool has everything an expert in processes could ever want:

  • Model your processes on the cloud, without installation or maintenance.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Uses BPMN 2.0 notation.
  • Generates perfect, beautiful, complete, professional and stylish documentation.

Business process modeling with HEFLO is simpler and more enjoyable!

The HEFLO modeling interface makes your presentations and documentation more organized. Also in this tool, processes are much easier to understand.

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Diagrams scattered across multiple computers?

With HEFLO all your process diagrams are stored in the cloud. You can access from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Professional documentation, download of the flow as a picture, exportation and version control.

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We identify a problem, already with an eye on the solution...

Currently, small businesses play an important role in most economies. However, they face a productivity challenge: How to improve processes without specific training in the area or the investment capacity to hire consultants?

There are market consultants and independent BPM professionals, eager for a business process modeling tool that improves their services, provides solutions in the cloud, and has a high degree of customization to meet the demand of these small businesses.

You will enjoy working with a tool like this!

Only someone with the experience of working with BPM on a daily basis for many years could see exactly what you need in a complete business process modeling tool. A tool that’s intuitive and pleasant to work with, using a layout that enhances and facilitates the understanding of documents and generated diagrams.

A business process modeling tool that meets real market needs

The solution we have developed is a complete business process modeling tool in the cloud, where you can start getting results quickly. It features an easy to understand interface and it generates documentation and diagrams in a friendly and easy to understand design.

Those who work in modeling know that it takes agility to use the tool through an interface that enhances creativity and versatility in creating customized solutions. This tool allows the dragging and dropping of elements into the diagram, which is perfect for this!

What’s more, all documentation and representation of flow diagrams need to be friendly and easy to understand for any level of professional, some not always familiar with the notations. A light and pleasant visual display create a higher effect in presentations, increasing interest and garnering a better understanding.

And thus HEFLO was born

Stored in the cloud

Uses BPMN 2.0

Free for learning


Try HEFLO: a modern business process modeling tool

Start process modeling with HEFLO!

It’s simple to work with our business process modeling tool

It’s all in the cloud!
No downloads.

Everything’s easy and intuitive!
No complications.

Using BPMN 2.0.
No outdated notations.

A pleasant and ergonomic design.
Not a boring environment.

All automatic.
No manual backups.

Complete business process modeling and

Additional features for
some small change.


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A complete list of ready-to-use processes

By registering with HEFLO, you will receive 20 diagram of process flows, all ready to use, improve or be inspired by!

So in addition to this powerfull business process modeling tool, you will have at your disposal a series of diagrams tested and approved by those already working with BPM for many years.

Join now to receive rich diagrams like these:

Employee Hiring Flow!

Make your employees feel comfortable from the first day. This flow includes all previous steps to their arrival and the basic steps for their integration into the team.

Purchase of products or services process flow!

Ensure economy and avoid waste or item shortages with an automated and reliable process: Ordering, item availability checks, purchasing and shipping.

Travel request process flow!

There is nothing better than relying on a standardized process and allow employees to travel with more ease and confidence. The steps of this process begin with the application followed by the approval, flight and hotel bookings and then the advance and validation of travel expenses.

Use these process flows to build your processes library quickly!

The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll receive these processes. And in a few weeks you’ll have practical examples and flow diagrams ready to use. Save time now and get inspired!

BPMN 2.0 Compliance