Business process improvement definition: Surpass the competition today!

These days, knowing the business process improvement definition means not just having an organizational advantage over competitors: it is an absolute necessity to know.

You can no longer compete on equal terms without always improving and enhancing your value-generating flow in the company.

Productivity is the watchword and has a leading role in the pursuit of profitability and competitiveness, as well as, not forgetting to meet customer expectations and delivering the value they want in your products and services.

To illustrate this better for you, here is a business processes improvement definition:

Business process improvement is the analysis of the process as it currently is in order to determine which activities can be improved. It aims to discover inefficiencies, delays, bottlenecks and waste (among other problems), in order to eliminate them through new and improved processes, that are more efficient and deliver more value to customers.

After seeing that, it doesn’t seem so complicated.

But how do you effectively promote business process improvement in your company? How do you apply this definition in practice?

You can use a ready-made process flow chart, set business process improvement methods in your business, implement them and manage them step by step.

And you don’t need to look far. It’s available right here for you to download on an online platform and use it for free to edit and share with anyone. Access

Business process improvement definition

If only people knew the business process improvement definition to implement this practice in their company, the life of entrepreneurs and managers would be so much easier!

That is why we are presenting this model to inspire you and your business.

Remember that the improvement process is a part of organizational development in which several actions are determined to identify, analyze and improve business processes with different objectives: to increase profits, reduce costs and achieve goals.

These actions are implemented following a particular methodology that can be better understood through this business process improvement flowchart:

Business Process Improvement definition

Detailing the business process improvement flow chart

Business process improvement has been divided into 4 lanes in this diagram:

  1. Everyone includes any employee of the company that wants to suggest an improvement.
  2. Process Analyst: A member of the company specialized in the maintenance of processes.
  3. Change Committee: It is usually composed of the Board of Directors and process owners.
  4. Information Technology: The IT team that will support and alter the systems already employed by the company.

The following is a breakdown of each process activity:

  • The improvement propagator details how the company will benefit from the change. It can be done via email.
  • The process analyst studies the idea and considers if it is attractive to the company.
  • If they consider it to be uninteresting, they must justify their reasons, and the process then ends.
  • If they think it to be interesting, they must define the impact of this change and document their recommendations, which are then evaluated by the Change Committee.

Business Process Improvement definition 1

  • The Change Committee has 2 alternatives after analyzing the information:
  • Do not recommend the change and close the case.
  • Inform the idea proponent that it was approved!
  • They then go back to the process analyst, who makes the necessary changes in the diagrams and other documentation of the improved processes.

Business Process Improvement definition 2

  • The IT team is notified to manage the changes.
  • The affected team is notified of the changes.
  • The analyst must follow the changes and measure the improvements. At this point, the process ends.

As you can see, the business process improvement definition is a concept that aims to improve the company, by improving its processes.

This results in increased revenues, reduced costs, waste reduction, error prevention, satisfied customers, business growth and more. It is a cyclic method, as there is always room for improvement within a process.

Want to begin process improvement in your company? Download this process improvement flow here!

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