Employee onboarding process flow chart: Accelerate your results!

The employee onboarding process flow chart is widely used in many companies, though mainly in larger organizations. When a new staff member crosses the company’s entrance on day one you have two primary goals:

  1. First, make them feel like a part of the team from the beginning.
  2. Second, motivate them as quickly as possible so they can start adding value to your business.

We have separated for you an employee onboarding process flow chart, showing who controls every aspect before the first day and also the necessary steps of integrating new staff after their arrival in the company.

The onboarding of new employees, also known as organizational socialization, refers to the mechanism by which new employees acquire the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to become full members of the organization and then work effectively.

The techniques used in this HR process include formal meetings, lectures, videos, printed materials, processes or guidelines, computer-based, or others. All this to introduce newcomers to their new jobs and teams.

Also, every department is asked to provide the minimum tools for the new employee: an account on the network, e-mail mailbox, desk, chair, cell phone, etc.

After all, the process of organizational onboarding of new employees is never complete if they do not have an adequate workspace.

Example of an employee onboarding process flow chart

This process is very complicated, with different activities going on in parallel, which requires the creation of not only lanes but also pools (divided into lanes).

Registration and on boarding of employee

There is a total of 5 pools:

  1. Employee Onboarding: The HR department is responsible for the administrative routines that lead to integration.
  2. Arranging furniture: This pool is divided into two lanes, one for infrastructure, in the form of Facilities Management and the other the HR department lane, which will validate the layout.
  3. Providing a phone connection: In this pool, the Communications/IT team will be triggered to provide telephone equipment for the new member of the company.
  4. Granting access and provident IT equipment: This pool has two lanes. In one lane the IT team will be responsible for executing routine activities including support, service requests, incidents and granting access. In the Service Desk Coordinator lane, the team will coordinate and monitor deadlines for the delivery of IT services for the new employee’s date of commencement.
  5. Introduction and Induction: Another pool divided into two lanes. In the Human Resources lane, Human Resources will be responsible for presenting the company to the new employee. And in the HR assistant lane integration will be scheduled by an assistant.


Providing furniture for the onboarding of new employees

  • After receiving the acceptance message, the Facilities Team analyzes the new layout of the job taking into account:
  1. Meeting the normal occupational safety and health standards.
    the capacity in the power grid to support the tools that will be used by the new employee.
  2. Internet connection availability.
  3. Space availability.
  4. Other physical characteristics it deems necessary.
  • After reviewing the facilities, the official sends the project to the HR department.
  • The HR department should analyze the proposed layout and, if necessary, request adjustments. This validation should occur within 2 business days. If you exceed this time limit, it is automatically approved and the assembly is required.
  • After approval of the layout, the Facilities team starts the furniture installation, which should be completed by the new employee start date.
  • The new employee’s manager is informed about the availability of the new workplace for the employee.

Providing furniture for the onboarding of new employees

It’s just one of the pools of the employee onboarding process flow chart. But the truth is that this type of process in the current context of strategic HR management is often quite complex and varies from company to company. Below is a possible adaptation that could be done.

Creating a New Pool to Adapt the Process

Imagine that in a company there is a monthly lecture on integration performed by the Training Team. A pool could be created for this process, with a lane in which the Training Manager receives an email with the number of new employees to be integrated in that month. He would trigger his team at the Training Team lane, asking them to print name tags and materials, to prepare the audience, issuing invitations and certificates and finally sending emails inviting everyone to the event, which would be presented to the Training Manager, leaving none of the new staff out.

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