Sales process flowchart: Increase your sales!

The sales process is closely linked to the success of a company. Even if all other aspects of management like planning, manufacturing, service delivery, communication, marketing, human resources, and finance, etc. are perfect and the sales process does not work, the company will not get the results needed.

So, it’s critical for a business an optimized sales process flowchart, detailing all the steps, tasks and decision making required to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

The sales process should be simple and well defined, this is the key to successfully managing your vendors and your sales pipeline.

To help you in this goal, HEFLO released a ready-made sales process flowchart, specifying the steps that are repeated by the sales team to convert a prospect into an actual client.

Sales process flowchart steps:

The sales process flowchart most often refers to a repetitive series of steps that the sales team follows the moment that they identify a lead until the moment they close the sale.

In this sales process flowchart, we have identified four main tasks:

  1. Identification of the lead
  2. Lead qualification
  3. Solution proposal and proof of concept
  4. Negotiation

Sales process flowchart 1


2 lanes are defined: Sales development support, which influences the vendors, and the other is the Account Executive lane, overseeing the sellers, as the decision-making level of the sales process flowchart becomes more or less complex.

Breakdown of the sales process flowchart

Identification of the lead: After checking the information on the lead, the seller detects that they have an interest, as they talked, exchanged information, and came to the conclusion that it is worth continuing to exchange ideas about the company’s proposal.

Lead qualification: One of the most critical steps of the process! After receiving more information, the seller must analyze four factors in deciding whether to proceed with the process (sending the proposal) or shut it down:

  1. Does the prospect have a need for the product?
  2. Can the prospect see value in the offer?
  3. Is there a budget for the purchase?
  4. Is there access to decision-making?

Based on this, the seller must decide if the prospect qualifies to continue through the sales process flowchart. For this, there is a timeline of fifteen days, before the deadline ends.

Sales process flowchart 2

Solution proposal and proof of concept:

At this stage, the seller tries to reduce risks and gain the trust of prospects seeking verbal approval. If this does not happen in forty-five days or less, a deadline is given from the Account Executive.

The next step will be to decide whether to proceed to the negotiation, sent to the Account Executive or direct the flow to the end of the process, through documentation and dissemination of lessons learned.

Sales process flowchart 3

At this stage of the sales process flowchart, all of the procedures are formalized, and, if so…. we have a deal! A contract is developed (if necessary) or, if not, it is documented and is disclosed in the lessons learned.

Finally, it is important in any sales process to monitor the delivery, to guarantee its quality.

Customization process

Clearly, this is a flowchart of standard sales processes. But with HEFLO’s help you can easily customize it for the needs of your company.

For example, you might need to include notification and a decision from the legal department before the negotiation phase, avoiding the costly preparation of a contract that’s not needed.

Or a notification to inventory control could be sent to check the availability of products or even notify the production line to start another parallel process.

If your business needs an intuitive and collaborative BPM tool to create process flows and diagrams nimbly in a few clicks and still be able to access it wherever you are, find out about HEFLO today.

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