ITIL Change Management Process Flow

The change management process is a highly critical activity that is very important in organizations. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you employ the best practices used in the world for managing IT systems. In other words, use an ITIL change management process flow.

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), is an English institution that brings together and disseminates the best practices and IT procedures from around the world.

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And if you are wondering where you can find an ITIL Change Management process flow that’s ready to be used and fully editable online, the answer is right here, from HEFLO.

But before we get into the details of this process, we need to understand better what change management is.

What is change management?

Change management is a discipline for managing IT services.

The goal of change management is to ensure that the most appropriate methods along with standardized procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes. The goal is to control IT infrastructure to minimize the impact of any incidents.

Changes in IT infrastructure may arise reactively in response to internal problems or externally imposed requirements, e.g., legislative changes. On the other hand, they can also come from a proactive search for greater efficiency and effectiveness in the organization.

ITIL Change Management Process Flow

The ITIL change management process flow is all included in a single pool, divided into 6 lanes, as noted below:

1- Change Initiator

In fact, any member of the company can begin the process of change. The ideal is to be a trained person for the information you provide are the most appropriate and easily understood by the Change Manager.

2- Emergency Change Advisory Board

Called by some as the Emergency Change Committee Advisory Board, is part of the Change Advisory Board (see below). It’s used to decide on emergency changes that have a high impact on IT services. Its members can be chosen depending on the nature of the change that is occurring.

3- Change Advisory Board

Or (CAB) consists of a group of employees who will support the Change Manager in their analysis and decision making. This committee consists of members from different areas, including all areas of IT, some of the business area and, if necessary, third parties and suppliers.

4- Change Manager

In the context of ITIL Change Management, the change manager controls the lifecycle of all changes. Their primary function is to create positive changes with minimal disruption to IT services. For significant changes, the Change Manager will have to request authorization from the Change Advisory Board.

5- Change Builder

It is the analyst who will have the task to document, plan, implement and test the change.

6- Implementer

An employee or team that performs and implements the change in the area of production and operation.

See the ITIL Change Management process flow as a whole:

ITIL Change Management Process Flow

Some details of the ITIL Change Management Process Flow

Because it is a complicated process, involving 6 lanes, we will focus on the lane referring to the Change Manager.

To access the complete, ready, and editable diagram, visit the link at the end of the text.

Authorization Change Request

  • After receiving the request from the change initiator, the manager should assess the priority for the change.
  • Then, notify the Change Advisory Board and conduct meetings with them regularly to ensure that all changes are properly addressed.
  • Once approved of the changes, the Change Advisory Board notifies the Change Builder to provide the changes and send them for testing.
  • After the tests, the Change Manager authorizes their implementation and informs all who will be affected by it.

It’s just a part of the whole ITIL Change Management process.


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  • Prasanna Kumar
    May 24, 2021 3:55 am

    Need a demo how the above changemanagemnet works in details , do you have any document if you can share?


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