Management software for small business – what are the areas worth investing?


Running a small business is not easy. You have all the needs an organization has, like to organize the processes, invest in marketing, stimulate sales, have a good accounting team. However, you do not have all the support and financial resources a big company has. A software designed to your needs can help you in many ways.

A small business management software that is quick to set up, easy to understand and powerful to use can do wonders for your business. Nobody wants to spend hours in training, and more hours using the software. It should be able to help you, and do not give you headaches. If you spend more time trying to figure the software up and calling IT, it is time to make a change. Believe it, software companies these days do invest in software that are simple, non-expensive and effective. See also: small business automation.

3 areas that need small business management software


Automation is essential if you are looking to rise your sales by organizing your processes. Not everything has to be done manually, and with marketing automation, you can get better results and measure them with numbers and facts.

Also see: marketing automation.

Lead nutrition and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) are effective ways to improve your small business through management software. Nowadays regular marketing has little effect in people, who get annoyed with ads, phone calls and standard emails. Email nutrition allows marketing to deliver 100% of the messages in a personalized way, which really meets the client’s interests. You create a list and everything is sent automatically, later letting you know how many people opened the e-mails, read them, clicked on the links. Therefore, you can predict sales or send related emails based on each person’s needs.

The goal of CRM is to build loyalty in the customer. This works by anticipating their needs and interesting. A CRM software aims to understand the client, offering him a solution that fits perfectly with his needs. Tasks and actions feed the system, every integration with the client and information about him is registered, then a database is created. Events, promotions and products/services can be created based on this information, personalized and thus with a higher level of success.


Keeping control of your numbers is essential, to say the least. Some businesses keep their accounting records all together in an disorganized way, having to go through them once a year or more, sorting them, figuring them out, wasting time and money. Some businesses have cash flow problems because they handle everything manually. A good small business management software will help you with cash flow, payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, mandatory reporting to the government and overall business growth as well.

There are many tools available in the market to help you automate your accounting area. There are software that can be customized to your needs and others that can be integrated with others you are using. Accounting automation will surely help you keep track of everything, and even a fraud will be hard to happen. At first, it may seem hard to implement, but the results will speak for themselves. Having control over the financial health of your company is priceless.

Human resources

Manage employees can be a time consuming task. Remember to enter vacation notes to a spreadsheet, organize time out for everybody, hire and fire personnel, all this can accumulate and drain your resources, stressing the people responsible.

These does not have to happen that way. Nowadays, not only big companies have access to HR tools, but you too can implement small business management software that allows everybody to access and check their vacation requests and interact with each other, among other things.

HR is an extremely important part of your company. Employees must be treated with the same care we treat customers, since happy and satisfied employees produce more. Socially connected, inspired personnel have the power to build the best company in the market. If you have a software that really organizes everybody’s needs and helps you to automatize the task to manage your employees, there will be more time and money left to invest in training, developing and inspiring your team. End up the paperwork and see the results!

These were just some examples of how you can and should integrate management software into your small company. These areas are strategical and will help you grow, but actually all areas of you company will benefit from automation. Now that you know what small business management software can do for your company, also read about SaaS – Software as a Service and start today!

See also this cloud tool for process modeling and create your free account: HEFLO BPMN Modeling Tool.

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