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Processes that end up in the drawer

How is the engagement of your customers’ team? Do they follow all your recommendations?

There is nothing more frustrating for consultants than seeing their work discontinued due to lack of commitment from others.

Want to change this scenario and put your processes into practice?

Recurring revenue loss

Have your projects been continuously abandoned?

It is terrible for everyone. For your customer, who has no return on investment. For the customer’s employees, who are part of a company that cannot grow. And for you, consultant, who cannot propose new projects and add recurring revenue to your business.

Want to start adding more recurring revenue and close new deals?

Unsatisfied client

Do you still believe that the documentation of a process is enough to generate results for your client?

It is no news to anyone that competitiveness determines the success or failure of an organization. And this also includes consulting firms.

How to change this? Offer your customers solutions that can take them to the next level.

You can solve all these challenges with our Business Process Automation technology

Check out some of the main features

Task lists, forms, and
productivity tools.

Deadlines with alerts.

Integration using
web services.

Creation of dashboards
and reports.

Customizations using

Integrated with the

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Strategies to reach more than 300K people per month.
Customer loyalty.
Complete solution in processes.
Increased sales.
Efficiency in your commercial area.
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One of the main motivations for creating HEFLO was to offer an interorganizational development environment with strong participation of partners, especially management consulting firms.

We already offer opportunities for revenue generation, and there are many other novelties and innovations yet to come. Join this journey!

Wallace OliveiraCEO & Co-founder

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