Marketing automation for small business

Costs with marketing can often be seen as dispensable, especially in small business. However, if allocated correctly and well, though, they are an investment with guaranteed results. Like all the areas of a company, marketing has its specific processes, which if automated will generate much better results than if done manually. In this article, we will see why implement marketing automation for small business and real examples.

See also: process automation.

It is crucial for a small business marketing automation to always gather data and information, aiming to know each time more the client’s profile. In that way the marketing automation will happen in a specific and efficient way, valuing what each client wants.

Before performing marketing automation for small business, it is necessary to map the chosen processes, to get to know them and understand its steps, so the automation is successful. For that see: process mapping – techniques.

Examples of small business process automation

There are processes in marketing that do not need to be performed manually because they are repetitive and predictable. If done automatically, lowering the human contact, this time will be better spent by the employee in other tasks, creation or logistic, for example. Let us examine a case of contact with clients to check satisfaction. With marketing automation, we can send automatic and personalized emails, programmed in a quantity of days and with a standardized content to gather answers.

Every action taken by the client can generate a reaction. If a possible customer enters your website and goes through the plans section, he is cost-sensible. It is interesting to send him/her an email with your types of plans, a video explaining why your product or service is the best in the market or an invitation for him to test your service free of charge for a time, etc. If other person did not go through the site but only filled a form with his/her information, maybe it is pertinent to send an email explaining the purpose of your services and products and what their advantages are. That can be done to every section and client’s action. With marketing automation for small business, you do not need an employee to be doing that, because everything is set automatically, with the system identifying what the client wants, choosing the appropriate pre-elaborated answer and sending the email. This will save you costs and allow you to concentrate your efforts and staff elsewhere.

The marketing and client search emails can also be automatized. They are done previously with templates that are changed according to the subject and set to be sent through the month. There is no need to create a campaign from nothing, but only to change what already exists and automatize it.

What are the benefits small business marketing automation will bring to my company?

Monitor campaigns, contact possible clients based on their interests, create promotions to each profile easily and quickly, all that is possible with marketing automation. It is also tangible:

  • Optimize your time: with the processes automated it is much easier and quicker to perform a campaign or contact a client, saving time and resources.
  • Extract intelligence: the results are more reliable and measurable, generating results that are concrete and easy to work with.
  • Better understanding about client behavior: establishing of profiles and standards, based on data gathering that the automated processes bring. If we understand our clients, it much easier to create campaigns that get to them.
  • Nutrition mapping: check which entries the client leaves in the website, acting according to this, using the convincing points of each person.
  • Cost reduction: with the processes automated, it is possible to reduce the staff and still get great results.

If you have a small business and though you could never invest in marketing, the marketing automation for small business is the solution! It is cheap, easy and effective. See also: small business process improvement.

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