Why BPM? Why adopt a tool vs develop a system

When compared to the development of so-called in-house systems, the establishment of a cost-benefit relationship is why BPM has significant advantages when companies adopt it.

One of the main factors contributing to this analysis is the fact that BPM tools do not demand investment in the hiring of skilled labor; such as for construction, monitoring and maintenance of the implemented system.

In this sense, Edilson Belotto, an independent consultant in the IT field for 25 years, believes that the deployment of a BPM tool brings to an organization not only the monitoring of activities and workflows but; reduced time, labor and costs in the development of a system for internal staff.

“The choice of a market tool empowers and dispenses the organization to direct systems analysts and programmers for this task as it is arduous and demands effort,” Edilson says.

The complexity of projects is also one of the main problems identified by specialist managers for whom opt for the development of in-house systems.

“In models like this, we need to hold meetings to separately analyze each stage of the job. It is a process that requires extensive periods in carrying out activities. And some of these steps are simply disposed of when a BPM tool is adopted, “ he says.


Why BPM? For greater flexibility

Flexibility is another question that counts in favor of market tools, as mentioned by Edilson Belotto. The consultant said that such tools are developed based on the assumption of aggregating identified needs in each organization and therefore are easily adapted not only to different areas; but also to the most diverse sectors of business with relative ease.

“They are tools that allow full control of the process through the detailed monitoring of the implementation of activities. Alerts of anomalies are another important indicator to let the manager know exactly what and who to charge. Information is generated securely and confidentially in quantity and quality, so there is full knowledge of how things happen. Creating such a system is a complex procedure that requires time, expertise and intense involvement of IT staff. It’s definitely worth the adoption of existing BPM tools on the market and also adding specialized support, ” concludes Belotto.

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