Business Process as a Service: The features of a good app

To begin with, you’ll only be able to know if all of this works well in a Business Process as a Service tool if they make a Freemium version available (with some limited but free functionality).

But before we talk about the essential features of the business process as a service software, let’s understand what it’s all about:

SaaS Enterprises offer a service, typically paid per subscription, for the use of cloud-based software that’s accessible remotely from wherever you are.

Therefore, business process as a service is business process modeling software offered to you and your team.

Some examples of other business processes as a service tools (not necessarily modeling) could be:

Among many others.

But what we’ll cover in this post will be the choice of a process modeling tool, business process as a service.

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5 features that all Business Process as a Service tools must have

1- UX: User experience

Modeling business processes is a challenging activity, requiring a lot of knowledge, practice, study, and patience.

Even so, the interface of a cloud-based Business process as a service tool should never be unpleasant, poorly laid out or require complex commands that are difficult to understand without reading a manual.

Intuitiveness and usability should be the rule, allowing you to do your job with much more joy, it should be easy to understand by others, including other professionals less accustomed to BPM and especially customers, both internal and external.

HEFLO offers an extremely pleasant and easy to operate interface. Check it out!

2- Documentation capable software

After making all the modeling and process improvement, one of the most critical phases of BPM is documentation.

It is from there that knowledge will be preserved and transmitted, manuals, training resources, and reports will be created. Therefore, future users and analysts will be able to understand the process better, to follow continuous improvement.

Therefore, it doesn’t make sense for a business process as a service tool to only offer modeling without generating documentation.

So, HEFLO not only helps you analyze and improve processes but it also automatically provides one-click layout documentation that is pleasing and easy to understand, all this in a click of the mouse.

3- Teamwork

With a business process as a service tool, your diagrams, flows and documentation can be accessed by the entire team, whenever and wherever they are, allowing excellent collaborative work, even in different countries, with all ideas, options and flow adjustments made in real time.

You will delight your customers with instantly modeled process flows. Made by an analyst or consultant who’s potentially in a location miles away.

4- Process Library

Replicating successful processes, creating standardized flows, and even consulting old projects to create new ones is only possible if your Business process as a service tool can archive all flows in an easy-to-find and then edit way.

HEFLO not only relies on this process library but periodically provides some free templates for solutions tested by subject matter experts so you can get inspired and then edit as you like.

BPMN Diagram Examples | Get Started Quickly on HEFLO

5. BPMN 2.0 notation

No outdated notations! Your cloud-based BPM needs to offer the latest BPM notation. That way everyone involved can speak a common, widely accepted and certified language, anywhere in the world.

HEFLO uses BPMN 2.0.

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Many companies and professionals already use HEFLO, see this testimonial:

“HEFLO allowed me to learn about process management in a general way, through a free and modern platform. With an open mind for innovation and customer feedback, the team meets the demands and presents constant updates. It’s an Excellent online tool. ” -Andre Antivillo


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