HEFLO contains an online BPMN editor that generates documentation automatically.

BPMN Editor Online Diagramming
  • Beautiful, modern and professional document layout.
  • Keeps an archive of earlier processes.
  • Download four formats: HTML, PDF, Excel and Word or export in BPMN.
  • Collaborative and cloud based: Collaborate in real time.
  • Click on the elements and complete the fields intuitively.

HEFLO: A tool with a friendly and pleasant BPMN editor to work with!

With HEFLO you can edit, model, analyze, map, optimize, document and automate processes intuitively. A BPMN editor that generates attractively laid-out documentation, updated using BPMN 2.0 notation.

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Diagrams scattered across multiple computers?

With HEFLO all your process diagrams are stored in the cloud. You can access from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Professional documentation, download of the flow as a picture, exportation and version control.

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Why should I use a BPMN editor in my business?

Get to know everything that's happening in your company.
It is impossible to manage without process control. How do you know if the procedures used by your staff follow best practices without editing diagrams and documenting business process flows properly? How do you know if your sales force is hitting their targets without having real-time access to the numbers? Furthermore, how do you assess the results obtained, in all areas and departments, without defining KPIs and having reliable and fast access to them wherever you are?

Optimize tasks: more efficiency and agility

A BPMN 2.0 editor helps you to understand processes as they are currently running, uncovering delays, waste and bottlenecks in order to shape a new process in which all these factors are resolved and processes are optimized. This improvement is continuous, it’s always looking to discover even more efficiency and better performance for an organization.

Share knowledge and information easily

Use processes that are designed and optimized for best performance, with defined KPIs and metrics that can be swiftly found and disseminated, leading to better control, such as defined responsibility, traceability, speedy decision making and the formation of documented historical best practices. Which help in predicting outcomes such as the formation of past business process flow documentation that can be used in learning and continuous improvement.

How do you model processes with our online BPMN editor?

Use a BPMN 2.0 editor for these 5 phases of BPM.


AS IS Analysis

Export documentation in Excel, HTML, PDF or Word.


Problem Identification

Oopportunities for improvement.


TO BE Process

how will the optimized process function?


Process automation

standardize procedures and optimize flows..


Continuous improvement

constantly analyze and improve.

For a better understanding of business Process Management, read our complete GUIDE to BPM!

How do you choose a BPMN editor?

The best BPMN editors integrate the latest innovations and best market practices.

Forget installations!

Antiquated BPMN editors need to be downloaded, installed, updated, maintained and constantly backed up. They can only be accessed from your machine, making work difficult to share.
Modern BPMN editors are cloud based, allowing remote access from anywhere you are so that updated information can be shared in real time. All this with a lot of security and automatic backups.

Wouldn't you prefer to work with an intuitive and enjoyable BPMN editor?

Abandon bureaucratic and difficult to understand interfaces.
Today there are sleek, ergonomically designed BPMN editors with intuitive interfaces, generating more organized diagrams and impressively presented business process flow documentation.

You can drag and drop elements and edit diagrams on the screen, share flows with different technical levels of professionals, integrating diverse teams.

Choose a modern and complete BPMN editor

A BPMN editor is only complete if it is able to model, automate and be shared, documenting process flows automatically.
And it should allow the formation of a library to store your business process documentation templates and diagrams, which is fully shareable and editable. With it, you will save time creating new projects, and be constantly learning.

Are you looking for a tool with a complete, intuitive, cloud based BPMN editor? Discover HEFLO.

Use HEFLO for the entire BPM cycle:

Process modeling
  • Understand how the current process works.
  • It’s fast and easy to edit diagrams by dragging and dropping elements on the screen.
  • Save everything in the cloud
  • See previous versions of documentation and processes.
  • Generate documentation and professionally designed and easy to understand diagrams.
  • Edit and document pools, lanes and elements easily.
  • Create more efficient and standardized procedures.
  • Integrate the process with an adequate task flow.

Reach results beyond expectations with a BPMN editor

With BPM you can understand how your processes are working today to find out how they can be improved tomorrow, shaping a more efficient new process.

BPM also provides reliable controls through predetermined and measurable parameters in real time, allowing clear decision-making and continuous process improvement.

Here are some examples:

  • End duplicated processes.
  • Process modeling decreases the occurrence of faults.
  • Cost reduction from increased process efficiency.

The best BPMN editor!

It's easy to work with our BPMN editor:

Everything’s in the cloud!
No downloads.

Everything’s easy and intuitive!
Hassle free.

BPMN 2.0
No outdated notations.

A pleasant and ergonomic

No boring environments.

Everything’s automatic.
No manual backups.

Professional modeling and

Engage stakeholders.


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Start editing: drag elements from within the screen and create your flows.

Start editing and modeling processes with more ease, clarity and efficiency.

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Everything’s in the cloud!
No downloads
Everything’s easy and intuitive!
Hassle free
BPMN 2.0
No outdated notations
A pleasant and ergonomic design
No boring environments
Everything’s automatic
No manual backups
Professional modeling
and documentation

Complete collection of ready-to-use processes

If you have not had great experiences with process documentation, you will love HEFLO. You can draw diagrams inspired by our ready made business process management documentation and diagram library, designed respecting the best practices of BPMN 2.0.

There are several types of processes; Support processes (such as travel requests, employee onboarding and reimbursement) Management (process improvement and non-compliance) as well as some Primary processes (sales and ITIL incident), depending on the necessities of your company.

Join now and receive processes such as:

Employee commencement and integration process flow!

Make your employees feel comfortable from the first day. This flow includes all previous steps to their arrival and the basic steps for their integration into the team.

Purchase of products or services process flow!

Ensure economy and avoid waste or item shortages with an automated and reliable process: Ordering, item availability checks, purchasing and shipping.

Travel request process flow!

There is nothing better than relying on a standardized process and allowing employees to travel with more ease and confidence. The steps of this process begin with the application followed by the approval, flight and hotel bookings and then the advance and validation of travel expenses.

Use these process flows to build your processes library quickly!

The sooner you register, the sooner you will receive processes. And in a few weeks you will have several practical examples of business process management documentation with diagrams, ready for use.