4 home business ideas you can start quickly

Many people, when they retire from a company, immediately start a home business, such as consultants in the area where they worked, or professionals in sectors such as law, accounting, engineering, among others.

The truth is that people shouldn’t wait for retirement to take this kind of home business initiative, which some call teleworking.

One tip for making a good choice is to look for tools that dominate in the field which can help you make this home business idea a compelling opportunity.

One example is the collaborative process flow platform for BPM consultants, and we can cite others, such as creative competition and crowdsourcing sites, ideal for Designers and editors, and, of course, activities that don’t need this type of technological help.

Look at these and other best home business ideas and opportunities and start to change your working life immediately by learning how to work from home. Also, read this review on office furniture.

4 of the Best Home Business Ideas and Opportunities

1- BPM Consultant

Have you worked your whole life modeling business processes, finding bottlenecks and automating tasks?

How about having a platform on which you can publicize your work and be found by managers looking for BPM consultants?

Check it out right now: Connecting Managers and Consultants

What’s more, this same platform offers another service: free BPMN process modeling software, which is very easy to use and allows you to share your processes from a distance, collect feedback, and even work from home! See how it works in the cloud:


2- Designer

Like the above platform, there are several websites specializing in integrating designers and entrepreneurs who need communication and marketing materials.

You can also have your customers, just master the art of design and have the right graphics programs.

Here are 2 examples of these sites that connect designers and entrepreneurs:

3- Editors

The scheme is the same as that described for designers, but with one advantage: most crowd-sourcing sites for copywriters are not in the competition format but firm job ordering.

But this is not a home office business idea for anyone. Do not think you just write something and you can get a job done right away.

This market is full of skilled professionals, many of them still active in communication companies and advertising agencies, and who participate in these sites to supplement their income.

There are also those who work full time as freelancers because they have already developed a good clientele.

If you are already from this area, take a look at some of the best home business ideas and opportunities for copywriters at sites like these:

4- Decorative cakes for weddings and other events

You don’t have to be Cake Boss to do well with this kind of home business (or home kitchen?).

The important things are to have experience in cake making, to enjoy this craft and of course, to be talented.

If you’re already the person who has a reputation in the family for making the most beautiful and delicious cakes, take advantage of this to transform this hobby into a source of income and still work with what you like.

The first step is to check if your kitchen needs some new utensils, a larger refrigerator or a special oven.

Then roughly calculate how many cakes you can produce per day, and what size. This helps you avoid taking on more than you can handle and accepting more orders than you can deliver.

Another important detail: remember to define how you’re going to deliver the cakes to party venues! If this is the case, outsourcing this part of the service to a reputable company may be a good idea.

Finally, one way to start growing your home cake business is to create a fan page on Facebook. Share photos of the cakes you’ve made, and add photos of the new cakes, at each event or party that you’re hired.

Those were our 4 home business ideas and opportunities; there are many others.

What is your talent? Start by answering that question, and from there start your own business.

See more tips: How to start a home business: The 4 VRIO questions

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