Find the best consultant

Registering and posting your project on HEFLO Connect is easy. Find the best consultant for your budget, your ideas and need.

  • Register your project. Tell us what are the requirements, the challenges of your company and the level of knowledge of the consultant.
  • Invite consultants. Do not expect the best consultants to respond. Review our catalog and send invitations.
  • Let us spread your project. Activate the public demand option, and we will advertise your project on our channels.

Negotiate your project

Use the communication and ranking tools to negotiate the best budget.

  • Communicate with agility. Send chat messages and clarify questions.
  • Review the proposals. Review proposals based on consultant authority, project cost, billing, and deadlines.
  • Choose and finish. Once you emerge a winner candidate select and end the process.

Work with the consultant

Remote or face-to-face. Small demands or long-lasting projects. Whatever the nature of your project, count on our technological resources.

  • Online Consulting. Use tools provided by the consultant to execute the project: Skype, GoToMeeting and others.
  • Document with style. Use HEFLO’s modeling process to create rich documentation of your business processes.
  • Disclose and collect feedback. Publish your processes to customers and employees and let everyone submit their suggestions.
  • Do not stop in the documentation. Count on process automation and control features to increase your team’s productivity.

Pay without intermediaries

All negotiation is done directly with the consultant. No intermediation fees and no bureaucracy.

  • Do you need an invoice? Make this clear to the consultant during the negotiation. Verify that the proposed value includes all taxes.
  • Ops .. something went wrong. Be sure to register on the platform.
  • Help us to improve. Would you like to have some paid service from HEFLO for guarantees? Send your suggestion!

Do not leave for tomorrow what you can improve today!

Submit your project, and we will help you find the right consultant for your need. Start now and make your competitor eat dust!

Create your project online in 1 minute

Consulting that's delivering solution

How is the engagement of your employees in management improvement projects? Do they follow all their recommendations made by the consultant? There is nothing more frustrating for a manager than to see your investment discontinued for lack of commitment.

This is terrible for everyone. For you client, which has no return on investment. For your employees, who are part of a company that can not grow and thrive. And for the consultant, who can not propose new projects and contribute to their development.

Ensure the effectiveness of your solutions proposed by the consultancy and adopt modern and innovative technological tools. We at HEFLO are the ideal partner. Check it:

  • Use process automation. Ensure the control of tasks and generation of relevant management data to make the best decisions.
  • Publish business processes and allow your employees to contribute to improvement.
  • Count with an elegant and professional process documentation.
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