Become a more valuable professional: take a BPMN 2.0 online course

Did you know that the process analyst profession is one of the most valued today?

Competition in the business environment demands more and more efficiency, cost reduction, greater transparency and control, and this need represents a great opportunity for process analysts.

But how do you become a good process analyst?

A good carpenter is one who masters the saw and hammer …

… just as a good baker is one who has the skills to prepare the dough and bake the bread at the ideal time …

… while a good process analyst is one who has full mastery of the notation that is used to describe workflows. This ability will allow you to create diagrams that express real and complex business situations, which increases the value and focus of your work.

And you? How much do you really know about BPMN? Start your reading with the quiz below.

In this post, we will present the main attributes of the HEFLO online BPMN course.

BPMN 2.0 online course: model, optimize and document your processes

The HEFLO online BPMN 2.0 course is designed to help you understand the basics of BPM applied to business process modeling.

With it, you will have a clearer view of how business process management works. Also, you will learn how to:

  • Model business processes using the best practices.
  • Analyze and understand how processes are currently occurring in your company.
  • Detect failures and inefficiencies.
  • Define how processes can be improved,
  • Manage the cycle of improvements.
  • Redesign your processes with the help of your team, in a collaborative way.

Advantages of an online BPMN course

The HEFLO BPMN 2.0 course has no time limit for completion. That way you can take the course at your own pace, wherever you are, at home, at work or even on the go.

Do you have any questions?

That’s all right. You can attend classes as many times as you wish.

Are some things still uncertain?

Send your questions on the platform and our instructors will give you clarification!

You don’t speak English?

That’s all right. The content is available in Spanish and Portuguese as well.

Payment is also made easier. You can pay by credit card.

Here’s how the three modules of the BPMN 2.0 course work:

1- Introduction

The purpose of this module is to present the essential concepts of BPM:

What are:

  • processes?
  • business functions?
  • process instances?
  • and what is BPMN notation?

In the end, we will model the first process using all the concepts presented. Check out this free lesson below.

2- Fundamentals of BPMN 2.0

In this module, you will learn all the concepts and fundamentals of each BPMN element type: Tasks, events, gateways, artifacts, subprocesses, and others.

We’ve created a compact script that goes straight to the point. We also use examples of processes and exercises that use HEFLO automation to demonstrate the behavior of BPMN elements.

You will also have quizzes to test and validate your knowledge.

Here’s a lesson about tasks:

3- Modeling Exercises

It’s the best part!

Through examples of real processes, we try to apply all the elements and fundamentals of BPMN. You will always be challenged by the instructor and encouraged in order to gain the best knowledge on the subject.

Check out a free excerpt from our lesson about process improvement request flows:

Coaching and mentoring for your project

You also have a differentiated service that will allow individualized and focused support on your project.

Through online sessions, our experts will analyze your processes and give you tips on improvements and guidance to optimize your learning.

Check out more information about our BPMN 2.0 modeling coaching service.


What people are saying about HEFLO’s online BPMN course

Very good, clear, and objective content. Danilo Batizoco Silva.

Easy-to-understand teaching Antonio Luis Canella Júnior.

Very good course. Great explanation of concepts. Leonardo Degiovanni.

I found out about the subject recently (at work) and went to look for courses available regarding it. I confess that I was amazed by the course, editing, voice, knowledge, teaching, everything was perfect. For those who have no knowledge of it, it serves as a great starting point. As the software used in my organization is Bizagi, there were some differences but nothing that would hinder my learning. Ah .., the “Quiz” at the end of the activity really helps to test your knowledge and make the theoretical parts stick. Yury Damaceno Silva.

The presentation is very good, the concepts are explained clearly and practical examples are used. Carla Cordova

Access the BPMN online course page now and purchase it directly from the site.

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