What is MVP in agile? Find out now

If you really want to understand ‘what is MVP in agile?’ (Minimum Viable Product), forget simplistic definitions like “a simpler product,” “a product without many attributes and functionalities,” or “a commodity.”

No, this is not the point. On the contrary, perhaps to be viable, this product needs some complexity (or do you think the first Apple personal computer – even installed on a wooden console – was something simple?).

To fully understand the answer to ‘what is MVP in agile?’, remember one of the key points of this methodology: incremental advancements.

So you can start with a simple, basic product with few features; Test it, see what needs to be improved and continue, until you reach the minimum viable product, a concept that we will explain in more detail in the next topics.

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What is MVP in agile?

The concept of agile in the development of products and services presupposes Process Modeling in which it seeks to deliver value to the end user while meeting the strategic objectives of the business.

It is widely used by those beginning startups.

For this, research and define the user’s needs and desires. And before presenting them with a ready and finished end product, create models or “prototypes”. Then (if ready), those who will use the products should test and evaluate them.

So if there is an error in these initial product or service development stages, during design, it’s easy to change what’s wrong, to improve, and to move on.

You have to go slowly and proceed to the next step with the certainty that you have validated the previous steps properly.

Thus, in the next step, you add a new attribute or functionality, test it, and validate it. In this way, the process only continues when there’s certainty that what you added, the incremental value gain to the product you’re developing, actually meets the needs of clients and the objectives of the company.

At any given time, this sum of incremental value will be attractive enough to create a minimum viable product, and at this point, you can test it in the market.

So what is MVP in agile?

It is that particular moment in the development of a product in which the sum of all the improvements made and tested is enough for this product to enter the market.

But what is MVP in Agile? What is the purpose of creating it?

That’s what we’ll see next.

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What’s the purpose of a minimum viable product?

Understand this, because it’s very important:

A minimum viable product is one that already has sufficient attributes to allow you to test its value proposition and business model for which you intend to create when marketing it.

The goal here is to learn from user feedback. Find out if you’re meeting their needs, then you’ll know whether the business will thrive. But for this, you should use the least resources and effort.

Therefore, the minimum viable product is just the beginning of your entrepreneurial journey.

To understand the answer to ‘what is MVP in agile?’, start thinking that it won’t make your company rich or possibly even stop it being a startup, consolidating itself as one of the greats in the market.

No! It just indicates that the way forward is the same. Your assumptions about the market and consumer behavior, your strategic planning, and your business model are all correct.

Now your mission is to achieve Product Market Fit, that is, to find a product or service that’s not only minimally viable, but which is accepted and sought after in the market in a consistent and sustainable manner, which will start to bring results enabling your company to grow.

To achieve this, the process is the same:

Take the MVP, place it on the market, study customer reactions and improve the product incrementally. Only this time, it’s not prototypes or surveys with consumers. This involves your company acting in the real market and promoting the continuous improvement of its processes and products.

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