Creative thinking techniques: Stimulate the mind to be productive

It is undeniable that in a labor market constantly more funneled and competitive, to stand out it’s no longer enough for you to be just professionally competent.

Companies seek out several differentials when hiring, especially for high-ranking positions such as board and management, and one of the most sought after differentials is creativity.

But what does it mean to be creative?

There is an erroneous tendency of people to associate unique creativity exclusively with intelligence, like inspirations that appear almost like an epiphany.

It is true that many of humanity’s great ideas have come at times like this, but you can be sure that the people who had gifted minds also had trained minds, prepared for the formation of insights. And how do we qualify the mind and prepare it to receive great ideas?

Experts say that with the right creative thinking techniques it is entirely possible to increase the inventiveness of the human mind, forcing your brain to leave its comfort zone and generate thoughts in different ways and patterns.

Do you want to be an innovative minded professional and be more productive and dynamic?

Check out a selection of six of the most functional and used creative thinking techniques in the world, which have helped many people and will certainly help you too.

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Top 6 of the best and most practical creative thinking techniques

  1. Association of ideas: A technique that stimulates creativity by combining objects, words, and concepts, optimizing memory.
  2. Brainstorming: A classical creative thinking technique in the advertising industry is to provide an idea flow from the brain, consider any idea that comes to mind, then start a painstaking process of elimination until you reach the ideal concept.
  3. Discontinuity: This is a small forced change of habits, causing the mind to see the world differently; It can be performed with trivial things, like getting to work by bicycle, running daily in the park, etc.
  4. Mental Map: This creative thinking technique serves to eliminate blockages and give full freedom to your mind. First, write the problem in the center of a sheet of paper and draw several lines from it. Second, write at the end of each line a different keyword; let the mind flow and generate different ideas from each of the keywords; Third, go on establishing random connections between each of the ideas. Finally, complete the exercise by analyzing each of the combinations that you created.
  5. Metaphoric comparisons: Means to focus briefly on the problem and gradually seek joint comparisons with things that even unconnected, have similarities.
  6. Reversal of hypotheses: A creative thinking technique that is based on the inversion of the most basic ideas to find new and innovative approaches to the same problems.

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