Conquer more customers

HEFLO Connect is the platform for consultants that allows you to grow your business.

  • Talk directly to who has the need. Without intermediaries.
  • Agility in prospecting. Presentations and trips cost money … lots of money. Count on our platform to scale up your commercial prospecting.
  • Your knowledge makes the difference. Develop your profile and gain authority. Differentiate yourself from competitors and close more deals.
  • Great variety of designs. Projects of different categories, levels and with different remunerations.

Negotiate directly with customers without intermediaries.

HEFLO Connect wants to connect you with new opportunities, making the process easy and generating new business for you.

  • More hiring chances. With Connect you can apply for multiple opportunities at once, making your chances of new business greater.
  • Reduce your prospecting cost. Become more competitive.

Work with the client

Remote or face-to-face. Short-term or long-term projects. Whatever the nature of the project, count on our technological resources.

  • Online Consulting. Use collaboration tools to execute the project: Skype, GoToMeeting and others.
  • Professional documentation. Use the HEFLO Process Modeler to create the best documentation of the business processes mapped.
  • Disclose and collect feedback. Post the processes to clients and allow them to submit their suggestions. Evolve with your client.
  • Do not stop at documentation. Count on process automation and control features of HEFLO to increase your customer’s productivity. Ensure satisfaction and continuity of your work.

Receive without intermediaries

All trading is done directly with the customer. No intermediation fees and no bureaucracy.

  • Does the customer need an invoice? Let this clear to him during the negotiation. Indicate in your proposal information about taxes.
  • Oops .. something went wrong. Be sure to register on the platform.
  • Help us to improve. Would you like to have some paid service from HEFLO to offer guarantees? Send your suggestion!

Start exploring the HEFLO Connect opportunities right now!

Create your consultant account and start applying to client projects.

Count on us in co-marketing actions and develop your authority.

Create your project in just 1 minute

Consulting delivering solution

How is the engagement of your customers’ employees? Do they follow all their recommendations? There is nothing more frustrating for a consultant than to see their work discontinued for lack of commitment.

This is terrible for everyone. For the client, who has no return on investment. For the customer’s employees, who are part of a company that can not grow and thrive. And for you consultant, who can not propose new projects and have recurring revenue.

Ensure the effectiveness of your solutions by offering your customers modern and innovative technological tools. We at HEFLO are the ideal partner. Check it:

Offer automation of processes.

  • Ensure the control of tasks and generation of managerial data relevant to the decision maker.
  • Publish customer business processes and allow employees to contribute to improvement.
  • Deliver elegant and professional business process documentation.
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Knowledge-without frontiers
Tranquility to find customers and increase your revenue.
Take your expertise to new customers. Regardless of size or market segment.
Your knowledge without frontiers. Attend customers anywhere, anytime.