Access and use 15 examples of ready-to-use process flowcharts

Creating and modeling process flowcharts is not a simple task. Having a library of examples of work flow charts, can be of great use to those who work with BPM.

In this post, we have selected 15 examples of work flow charts that you can access to get inspired and have ideas on how to optimize or model processes in your company.

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So, let’s go?

15 examples of work flow charts to inspire and edit as you like

1- Employee termination

Employee termination is an example of a delicate process flow chart because it has several steps that, if mismanaged, can create discomfort for both the employee and the employer, as well as providing a risk of monetary damages to the company.

Check out more about this flow: Employee Termination Process: Free Flow Chart Example

2- ITIL Incident Management

Using best practices as determined by the ITIL methodology is one way to ensure that your process has been modeled within high quality standards.

Additionally, in the case of incident management, this caution is critical. Get access to detailed diagrams like this, which depicts one of the pools in this process:

examples of work flow charts

See more details of this flow now: Incident Management Process Flow: A step by step guide

3- Managing ITIL Change

Managing the process of organizational change is always a challenge for any company.

Therefore, this is another example of a business process that should always follow ITIL standards.

Learn more about this here: ITIL Change Management Process Flow

4- Sales process

Understanding the needs of customers in order to offer the best solution for their problems so as to satisfy them completely is the goal of this detailed step-by-step process diagram.

See more in this post from our blog: Sales process flowchart: Increase your sales!

5- Purchasing process

Buying within the desired specifications with good price and quality can be even more difficult than closing a sale.

To help your business at this time, check out this ready-to-use flowchart: The purchase order process: Control is fundamental

6- ITIL Service Desk

Customer service is another example of a critical business process flow, since service agility and quality must always be guaranteed.

In addition, this process should promote the accumulation of knowledge. This allows operators to increasingly work assertively and quickly, as detailed in this image:

examples of work flow charts

Here’s how to properly conduct this process here: ITIL Service Desk Process Flow: Efficient Incident Management!

7- Request for materials

Promoting the adequate control of the use of materials purchased by the company and guaranteeing the replacement of stock at the right time are some of the benefits of this flow: Material Requisition Process Flowchart: See all the steps

8- Integration of new employees

The integration process is a good example of a process flow chart that helps a company welcome its employees and at the same time make them productive as quickly as possible.

Access it and see more details: Employee onboarding process flow chart: Accelerate your results!

9- Reimbursement of travel expenses

Accurately controlling employee spending on travel is critical to curbing abuses and keeping costs at an adequate level.

Here’s how to do this in this article: Controlling the travel request process

10- How to use pools and lanes

In this post we explain in a very didactic way when and how to use pools or lanes when designing a process flow, it’s worth checking and learning with these tips: BPMN Swimlanes and Pool Lanes: Dive Into These Tips!

11- Definition of subprocesses

Another point that causes many doubts in BPMN modeling is the use of subprocesses. See examples of work flow charts in this article where this technique is used to perfection. As illustrated in this image from our BPMN editor:

examples of work flow charts

See other examples like this one: BPMN subprocess examples, definitions and flowcharts

12- Continuous improvement

Continuous process improvement is one of the key elements of BPM. See in this post a flowchart of this type tested and approved by specialists: Business process improvement definition: Surpass the competition today!

13- Purchase of materials

See for another angle and more details the most efficient way to conduct the purchases in a company: Procurement process flowchart: Cost reduction and transparency

14- Recruitment and Selection

Attracting and choosing the best talent to assist in the development of your company’s business is a procedure that ensures the long-term organizational sustainability.

In this post, you will access an example of a ready-to-use recruitment and selection process flowchart: Human Resource recruitment processes: Learn how to hire the best

15- Customer Service

Retaining customers through high-quality customer service reduces churn rates and builds loyalty with clientele, as demonstrated in this image:

examples of work flow charts

Access now: Customer service process flow chart: Ready to use!

So, even after so many examples of work flow charts, if you still want to know more about this, download our free e-book: BPM Cookbook

Quiz: Do you know the 3 types of business processes? Test your knowledge.

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BPMN Diagram Examples | Get Started Quickly on HEFLO

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