This business process automation solution provides everything needed to:

Business Process Automation Solution
  • Reduce the waste of time and money.
  • Standardize the operation as well as the consistency of business rules.
  • Create management dashboards and control processes in real time.
  • Integrate systems and databases and eliminate the flow of paper.

HEFLO, a complete tool, with the best of business process automation technology.

Analyze, model, automatize and control your processes using the same software. HEFLO is web-based, collaborative and uses BPMN 2.0.

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How do you choose a business process automation solution?

Best business process automation solutions are those that evolve over time and integrate all the innovations and best market practices.

Forget installations

Outdated business process automation technology needs to be downloaded, installed, updated, maintained and constantly backed up. They can only be accessed from your own machine, making it difficult to collaborate.

Modern workflow automation tools use the cloud, allowing remote access from anywhere and the shared information can be updated in real-time. All with automatic backups following the latest security protocols.

An intuitive and pleasant solution is always better

Forget the complicated interfaces. Stay tuned with digital transformation and a deliver rich user experience to your customers and employees.

Innovative companies use workflow automation tools with beautiful interfaces, pleasantly, ergonomically and intuitively designed, creating documentation and diagrams that are more organized and visually impactful.

You can drag elements and model processes on the screen, share and integrate teams from different technical levels in the same tool to automate the process easily.

Choose a complete cloud-based business process automation solution, that uses BPMN 2.0 notation

A complete BPM solution is able to use BPMN to model, document, automate and share processes. So, you can use a “lingua franca” to describe business processes in all stages of development.

Manage the BPM cycle from start to finish

Perform AS IS through to continuous improvement without changing tools


AS IS Analysis

The current process.


Problem Identification

What we need to improve.


TO BE Documentation

Detail how the improved process will be.


Automate the process

Standardize procedures and optimize processes.


Continuous improvement

Review, analyze and constantly improve.

For a better understanding of Business Process Management, see our complete guide to BPM

Use HEFLO for the entire BPM cycle

Process modeling
  • Understand how the current process works by dragging and dropping elements onto the diagram.
  • Study the process and look for improvement opportunities.
  • Redraw the process by editing the AS IS diagram to turn it into the TO BE.
  • Save everything in the cloud, share tips and ask staff.
  • Generate process documentation automatically.
  • Share documents with a professional and attractive layout.
  • Whenever you want to, you can look at earlier versions of the documentation.
  • Document all elements, pools and lanes easily and fast.
  • Reduce manual activities.
  • Integrate databases and systems.
  • Create more efficient standards and procedures.
  • Interlink activities in an adequate flow.

What is process automation?

Business process automation technology must help to integrate different databases, create systemic interfaces and promote a faster and assertive flow of information. It takes more than just replacing manual processes with applications and software.

The benefits are many. People who were performing repetitive tasks that added little value to the production chain can now focus on more valuable activities.

Business process automation solutions reduce task runtime and dramatically diminish mistakes, especially in critical activities, they also provide performance indicators in real time.

For example, instead of e mails and scattered spreadsheets, management and monitoring is performed by Dashboard panels, with data generated by the automation of business processes.

How to select the processes to be automated?

Before looking for a business process automation solution you need to define which ones to prioritize.
One of BPM’s good practices says that we must avoid embracing too big projects that make it impossible to deliver consistent results in an acceptable time frame. We must carefully analyze the company’s value chain and determine the critical processes: the most important to the organization, those who deliver more value to customers.

Using a business process automation tool

See how BPM technology reduces the intervention of people in process activities

To control the workflow, assign tasks and be able to monitor in real time HEFLO has an intuitive interface, in which you use the optimized diagram itself to do automation:

  • Define responsibilities and actors in each lane.
  • Select the elements relating to the tasks of each lane and activate the form editor to create data entry fields, to name and define whether they are obligatory or multi-line fields (text).
  • Define how the gateways will work, whether they are automated or will continue to be manual.
  • With the forms and gateways defined, validate the process. With one click the business process automation tool automatically warns you if there is an error and where it should be remedied.

At this point the process will come into operation and will be improved continuously, whenever there’s a possibility for improvement.

And each optimization with a change in the diagram or in the automation, previous versions are stored: you do not lose any of your development history.

Now enjoy all the benefits of business process automation technology

Save time and money when developing a control system and reduce manual activity in your processes.
  • Integrate different systems and platforms into a single interface.
  • Significantly decrease the flow of paper.
  • Apply business rules with more assertiveness.
  • Accelerate processes and reduce the time between tasks.
  • Eliminate errors, inconsistencies, inefficiencies and waste.
  • Define indicators and get consolidated reports.
  • Integrate databases, and monitor in real time.

And so HEFLO was created

Based in the cloud

BPMN 2.0

Intuitive and collaborative

Complete software

Try HEFLO, The complete business process automation solution

All about process documentation

The documentation of BPMN 2.0 symbols and process diagrams is agile, fast and complete with HEFLO. With one click you can define everything you need.

Select the chart and define names and comments for pools and lanes, the lane actors and the details of their tasks: like names, comments, ratings (user, service manual, send messages, receive messages, business rule or script), instance ( single, repeat, multiple parallel or sequential multiple) and if for global or not.

Start modeling, documenting and automating workflows with HEFLO!

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Import workflows.
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Automate intuitively.
Drag, drop, and directly
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Export in a click.
In BPMN, PDF, Word,
HTML and Excel.

Responsive Interfaces.
Easy understanding
on various devices.

BPMN 2.0.
The notation most
accepted in the world.

A complete solution.
From analysis to automation
in a single tool.


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Reach results beyond your expectations with a business process automation solution

With BPM you can understand how your processes are working today to find out how they can be improved tomorrow, shaping a new, more efficient process.

And with a business process automation solution you get reliable controls with predetermined and measurable parameters in real time, allowing for clear decision-making and continuous process improvement.

Check out examples of automated workflows:

  • Get rid of duplicate processes
  • Process modeling decreases the occurrence of flaws
  • Cost reduction with increased process efficiency

Start editing and modeling processes with agility!

Complete business process automation solution

It’s all in the cloud!
No downloads
Automatic validation
No errors and inconsistencies
Everything’s easy and intuitive!
No complications
BPMN 2.0
No outdated notations
It’s all automatic
No manual backups
Responsive interfaces!
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