What is SaaS software and why should I aqcuire it?


The traditional way to implement a software in a company is to go to a store or contact a provider, buy software, get IT to install it on all the machines in the company and spend hours in maintenance and look for IT every time there is a problem or an actualization. It is called on-premise software.

SaaS software – or Software as a Service, came to change all that. It works in a cloud, with one or more providers and can be accessed by any device, anywhere. These SaaS software offer services and store data, information and application in the cloud, in a secure and simple manner that helps organizations as well as individuals.

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Why should I acquire a SaaS software if I already have an on-premise software in my organization?

With a SaaS software, the providers offer not only the software but also the maintenance. Everything is done online, since the purchase until the support. If you need some help, the contact is quick; if there is an actualization, it is automatically available online. There is not the trouble to go to a store or to communicate with IT; it is all done agilely by the providers.

If you do not need to call for IT always, outsourcing the service, costs will inevitably drop. The payment, done monthly or yearly and usually on a pay for use basis. In that way, it is easy to organize the finances, and plan the expenditures.

A SaaS software brings a practicality into your organization that impact in all the areas and departments. The information gets to everybody at the same time, making the meetings more productive and the processes more standardized.

How can I access my data in SaaS software?

Easily. All you need is an Internet connection. With SaaS software, you and all the users can access the information from many different devices, from computers, tablets, phones or what you have in hands. It is also easy to enter the software elsewhere, not only from your place of work. It is exceptional for managers who want to monitor the activities regularly.

The data is safely stored in the cloud, and therefore more protected against loss, theft or wrong use. A good SaaS provider is more able to invest in security, backup, and maintenance than any small to medium company, so there is no reason to worry about security.

It is simple to all the employees, suppliers and managers to access and update the information, making communication a high point in the company. As we all know, standardization is key to a good performance. Most of the SaaS software runs with any web browser and any operational systems. It is easy; it is practical, it is time and money saving.

It is crucial to look for a reliable software when implementing a SaaS system. It will set the difference between getting results or not. It is possible to cut costs, enhance communication, optimize processes and increase client satisfaction, all with the right SaaS software. Read more about business process modeling using the cloud.

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