5 digital transformation examples: Understand this concept

Some entrepreneurs and corporate managers, when they think of digital transformation, end up getting ahead of themselves.

They determine that an innovative technology – big data, or artificial intelligence, for example – is the flavor of the month and they look for ways to implement it in their business.

In fact, the rationality should be the inverse: to detect some unmet client need or process that needs improving. Then look for some innovative technology that can address those challenges.

So that you understand this concept completely, we’ve selected some successful digital transformation examples that better illustrate this thinking.

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5 digital transformation examples you need to know

1- Domino’s ubiquitous delivery

Domino’s popular pizza fast food chain has developed features that allow customers to order pizza using virtually any computing device.

From smart TVs to smartphones, from tablets to smartwatches, just log on to Domino’s website and order your pizza. In fact, you can even do this on Twitter.

Are you an anxious person? Don’t worry!

You can track your pizza!

If you think this is cool, just think that the next step Domino’s is planning could become one of the greatest digital transformation examples in retail: to do this all via voice command!

Source: Amazon Echo Can Now Order Your Pizza.

2- Predicting defects in real time

Caterpillar heavy machinery is famous for its efficiency and durability. The company’s tractors and cranes now feature a function that will make the machines more durable, saving owners money.

Together with the data analysis startup Uptake Caterpillar has developed a tool that collects all the performance data of its machines and is able to predict the most appropriate times for preventive maintenance of equipment before any problems occur, drastically decreasing the time of “machine stops”.

Caterpillar and Uptake to Create Analytics Solutions

3- The Porsche “big brother”

Putting the customer experience to the forefront of their strategies, automaker Porsche is doing everything to understand their customers’ behavior.

Now all customers have a unique ID, an ID that they can connect to a powerful central CRM.

The objective is to know the expectations of customers at each point of contact, promoting real-time segmentation and allowing predictive intelligence to be used to coordinate actions in which, for example, only consumers who are really interested in buying a car are impacted, increasing the conversion rate.

4- Airplane turbine parts made in 3D printers

GE is already using the latest 3D printing technologies to produce no fewer than 19 turbine parts through this process.

Among the many advantages of this, one of the most interesting digital transformation examples in the industry, is the reduction of costs, such as transportation and storage, for example.

The company plans to invest $ 3.5 billion in this project by 2020.

See another 3D project on jet engines:

5- Augmented Reality to Manage Supply Chain with Smart Glasses

Although DHL’s stock management and supply chain is already quite automated and easy to operate, you still need to use manual scanners, paper and pen to get the process done properly.

After developing applications for smart glasses with Ricoh and Ubimax, operators no longer need to use their hands as much.

The glasses read bar codes, provide information and allow operators to accomplish their tasks more assertively and make fewer errors.

See more about this by watching the following video:

Vision Picking at DHL - Augmented Reality in Logistics

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As you’ve seen in all these digital transformation examples, the use of new technologies has provided improved processes and made a company more efficient, or made the customer experience more enjoyable by meeting their needs, adding more value to the solutions offered by businesses to the market.

Do you know any other transformation example?

Any example you’d like to share about this post? Let us know by leaving a comment!​

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