This workflow automation software is complete, intuitive and cloud-based. Check out the advantages of workflow automation:

  • Shorten the production cycle and eliminate descrepancies.
  • Consistency in the application of business rules.
  • Standardized and traceable operations.
  • Defined metrics and reports in real time.

Automating processes with HEFLO is simpler and more enjoyable

HEFLO is a cloud based workflow automation software, using BPMN 2.0 notation. It’s easier to work with, you can do BPM automation in the same software you used to model the process by clicking on diagram elements, creating forms and integrating other tools.

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Complete collection of ready-to-automate processes

Enjoy our processes library, available free of charge to automate workflows with more agility and assertiveness, gaining time and using BPM best practices.

Just access the ready-made workflows, click on the elements and create forms through an intuitive interface based in the cloud.

Join now and start receiving:

Employee commencement and integration process flow!

Make your employees feel comfortable from the first day. This flow includes all previous steps to their arrival and the basic steps for their integration into the team.

Purchase of products or services process flow!

Ensure economy and avoid waste or item shortages with an automated and reliable process: Ordering, item availability checks, purchasing and shipping.

Travel request process flow!

There is nothing better than relying on a standardized process and allowing employees to travel with more ease and confidence. The steps of this process begin with the application followed by the approval, flight and hotel bookings and then the advance and validation of travel expenses.

Several workflows will be available to you, so you can create your process library quickly!

The sooner you register the sooner you’ll start using ready made diagrams to automate workflows quickly!

How to automate processes with HEFLO?

Automating workflows means to integrate, accelerate and streamline processes, creating interfaces to replace manual tasks for applications.



Import or create your processes.


Design Forms

Create forms by clicking on tasks.


User Experience

Design the user interface.



Click “Publish on Workspace” to activate your automation.



Use responsive interfaces to run the processes..

For a better understanding of Business Process Management, read our complete guide to BPM

Start modeling and automating workflows with HEFLO!

It's simple to work with our BPMN 2.0 modeling tool

It’s all in the cloud!
No downloads.

Everything’s easy
and intuitive!

No complications.

Automatic validation.
No errors and

A pleasant and
ergonomic design.

No boring environments.

It’s all automatic.
No manual backups.
The best data center.

Responsive interfaces!
No broken layouts.


Click here to access the workflow automation software.


Enter your corporate email and choose a password.


Start to use: Select the elements (BPMN 2.0 notation), drag them straight onto the canvas and create your flows instantly.

Start modeling and automating quicker and with more satisfaction!

A BPM modeling and automation tool that meets the true market needs

Workflow automation software that helps your company benefit from totally automated processes, introducing fast, intuitive and collaborative processes to your business.

Enjoy the best of BPA: Business Process Automation

There are many advantages of business process automation. In addition to accelerating the execution of processes, it eliminates waste and standardizes the tasks: increasing consistency in the application of business rules.

With standardized KPIs and systems integration as well, analysis of indicators becomes more efficient, in real-time, providing continuous improvement, generating far more complete reporting and eliminating paperwork.

Check out examples of automated workflows

  • Get rid of duplicate processes
  • Process modeling decreases the occurrence of flaws
  • Cost reduction with increased process efficiency

Learn how to automate processes within the BPM cycle

Starting with the analysis and definition of the current process (AS IS), through to the search for possibilities for improvement and redesign of the process (TO BE), automation can already be conceived in the minds of analysts in all these phases of the BPM cycle, and will also culminate in continuous improvement.

Therefore, despite automation being one of the last steps, the use of collaborative and easy to operate software with an intuitive interface, which uses an established and known notation, like BPMN 2.0 can be critical.

When doing systems integrations, define interfaces, create forms and proceed to the tests and validations, the construction of the optimized process has already been made with a view to its automation, the completion of these steps will be much more efficient and assertive, providing immediate results.

After the implementation of automation, monitor the process, seek new opportunities for improvement and restart the continuous cycle, again, pass through all the steps already automated workflow targeted by analysts.

HEFLO: complete workflow automation software

Based in the cloud

Collaborative intuitive

BPMN 2.0 notation

Responsive interfaces

Who was HEFLO created for?

Businesses and industries of all sizes can benefit from complete workflow automation software, that’s easy to use, model and share collaboratively with your team. Take a look:

  • It’s easy to understand, execute tasks and share information with different levels.
  • Designed for those who look for excellence in the automation of business processes.
  • HEFLO is ideal for all your customers. Model and document processes efficiently, quickly generate clear diagrams and export a visually perfect document. Then it will be much easier to do process automation, using the same software. And to help, we also provide various diagrams of processes ready to use for free. Try it!

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