SSCOR Supply Chain Operations Reference ModelCOR®, Supply Chain Operations Reference (SCOR) is a business process reference model endorsed by the Supply Chain Council as a de‐facto standard diagnostic tool for supply chain management. SCOR is a management tool spanning an organization’s suppliers to its customers. This reference describes the business activities associated with all phases of satisfying the customer’s demands. This reference model looks at business processes and activities used in all stages of supply chain activity.

The SCOR model is based on three major pillars:

SCOR Process Model

The SCOR process model is divided into five groups:

  • Plan
  • Source
  • Make
  • Deliver
  • Return

Each of these process groups is decomposed into progressively lower levels of detail to help model supply chain activities. Each level is a decomposition of the activities in the level above and all are supported by a set of standard key performance indicators (KPI).

Source: Guide to the Business Process Management Body of Knowledge – ABPMP BPM CBOK V3.0.