Business Process Modeling

Business Process Modeling is the set of activities involved in creating representations of an existing or proposed business process. It can provide an end‐to‐end perspective or a portion of an organization’s primary, supporting or management processes.

Source: Guide to the Business Process Management Body of Knowledge – ABPMP BPM CBOK on Amazon.

In BPM process modeling, information and documents are used by a process analyst, who generate a flow of how the activities are carried out, from inception to achieving the goal of the process. The following items are needed to develop a process modeling design:

  • Method: The sequence of steps for surveying and modeling information.
  • Meta-model: Model the Information.
  • Notation: Symbols and rules to represent the information.
  • Tools: Computer support for the documentation of information. Check out this free process modeling tool.

There are many modeling techniques to use to understand a businesses processes. Most techniques have been used for many, many years and surprisingly still work exceptionally well. Keep reading our articles about business process modelling.

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