Business Process Management Suite

Business Process Management Suite is a set of automated tools that allows the business to be modeled, showing flow, rule use, data use and more. This provides an integrated suite of software that defines the application architecture and infrastructure technology needs for the operation and execution of the applications that run within the BPMS technical environment. The BPMS operating environment addresses business users’ desire to see and manage work as it progresses across organizational activity.

A BPMS supports process modeling, design, development, and the managed execution of work and applications. The information in the BPMS design and rules libraries is used to automatically generate the applications that are used in the solution. This allows very fast change, with control over the way the change will be applied.

A BPMS provides a new type of business environment that melds the business and IT. We use the term “environment” to describe the resulting operation when using a BPMS, because these tool suites generate the applications and provide the overall operating environment through which the business and the applications run.

While component parts of these tool suites have existed since the late 1980s, they were not combined until a breakthrough in the early 2000’s. The real breakthrough that allowed this coalescing of products was the advent of rules‐based application generation that was tied to process models. Since 2003, various component products have been brought together to form BPM product suites. It is the melding of the BPM approaches, techniques, and tools, along with their ability to quickly generate applications, which delivers the speed needed to optimize an operation and to support rapid change. This ability is what delivers both initial optimization and continuous improvement.

Source: Guide to the Business Process Management Body of Knowledge – ABPMP BPM CBOK V3.0.

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