This Business Process Mapping Software has everything a business process analyst needs:

  • Free for modelling and document processes, on the cloud, without installation or maintenance.
  • Full support for BPMN 2.0.
  • Version control of diagrams and documentation.
  • Beautiful, complete, professional documentation.
Business Process Mapping Software

Business Process Mapping will be more productive!

Using HEFLO you can model, analyze, map, optimize, automate and, of course, document processes in an agile way. A complete business process mapping software, which creates beautiful and professional documents.

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How to select the best software for business process mapping?

The best business process mapping software are those that integrate all the innovations and best modeling practices.

Forget software installations!

Outdated process mapping tools need downloads, installation, updates, maintenance and regular backups. They can only be accessed from your machine, making sharing difficult.

On HEFLO it’s different. Everything is stored in the cloud, and you can share your processes to your team for the edition.

Would you prefer intuitive and enjoyable software?

Abandon tools with user interfaces that are complicated to understand and work.

An innovative business process mapping software must count on an ergonomic and intuitive design. It must generate business process documentation much more organized and visually impactful.

Choose a complete Business Process Mapping software

A complete tool can model, automate, document and share processes.

Also, it enables the use of online process diagrams library, which saves time by taking advantage of previous work as the basis for your project.

Looking for the Business Process Mapping Software? Discover HEFLO BPM.

Start mapping business processes with HEFLO!

It's simple to work with this BPM software for business process mapping

It’s all in the cloud!
Share with your team

BPM Life cycle
Track versions of business

Using BPMN 2.0.
The most modern notation

A professional design.
Impress your client or boss

All automatic.
No manual backups

Free BPMN modeling and

Additional features for
some small change


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Manage feedback

Give and take suggestions. Receive and gather criticism. Evaluate changes. This is definitely very important.

The response from everyone working on the process is crucial to its development. Through HEFLO’s online portal stimulate sending and receiving messages and chatting with everyone involved.