HEFLO is business process documentation software in which you edit the online process flows and the documents are automatically generated.

  • Documentation with an attractive, modern and professional layout.
  • Real-time collaboration and sharing with the team: everything is online.
  • Step back in time: Earlier versions of diagrams are kept.
  • Download in four formats: PDF, Word, HTML and Excel or export in BPMN.

HEFLO: Simple and enjoyable to work with business process documentation software!

Free and in the cloud with HEFLO you can model, analyze, map, optimize, automate and, of course, document processes in an agile way, and all this in BPMN 2.0 notation. Complete business process documentation software, which creates professional and beautiful documents.

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Diagrams scattered across multiple computers?

With HEFLO all your process diagrams are stored in the cloud. You can access from anywhere, anytime. All you need is a browser and Internet connection. Professional documentation, download of the flow as a picture, exportation and version control. All this in a free plan for modeling and documentation.

We identified a problem and have brought you the solution ...

Small businesses are very important to the economy, but using the best business process documentation practices can be an expensive challenge for them …

We detected this current gap in the market for business process documentation software, with the needs of today: easy and intuitive to use, cloud based and collaborative; with a modern interface that helps teams analyze, optimize and document processes in an integrated and efficient manner, saving ‘clicks’.

Documenting business processes enjoyably

Now this market demand has been met and you can see how documenting business processes has become more pleasurable with our software. It’s complete, and encompasses all BPM: creation, analysis, design, optimization, and direct documentation in the diagram, and it’s all exportable and shareable in various formats, generating impeccably laid-out documents automatically.

Business process documentation software that uses best practices

With HEFLO it’s possible to create processes from the beginning, import process flow documents from other tools (BPMN layout) or use our free and ready to use business process documentation templates.

BPM software must be able to document, quickly and simply, all process elements, performers, flow types, pools and lanes. By clicking on the pool you are able to define its name and make comments for the documentation; the lanes in addition to these two features, determine the performers. And the tasks, you must define:

  • How they are named.
  • The text for documentation describing the task, type classification (user, service manual, send messages, receive messages, business rule or script).
  • Adjust the compensation settings and mark as global task.
  • Determine the quantity of instances (single, repeat, multiple parallel or sequential multiple).

You must name the initial events, have an explanatory text, and classify them into types (message, timer, conditional, sign, multiple, parallel or normal). It is necessary to determine the conditional deviations (gateways) to imply decision making, the explanatory text for documentation and its type (exclusive, parallel, inclusive, event, complex, exclusive initial event or initial parallel event). For flows it’s necessary to point out the condition that they are following (often “yes” or “no”) and determine their type (regular, standard or conditional). There is also the intermediate events, which can be of various types (conditional, timer, message, sign, multiple, parallel or escalation), the final events should be classified (normal, message, multiple, sign escalation, cancel, offset error, closing). The business process documentation software enables documentation by just clicking on each element of the diagram.

HEFLO: born from the best practices of BPM

Collaborative and in the cloud

BPMN version 2.0

Superior UX

Complete BPM software

And FREE for documentation: Try this business process documentation software

Process documentation like you've never seen before!

HEFLO is business process documentation software, that's free and enjoyable to use.

BPMN 2.0.
The notation that’s the
most accepted in the world.

Free and in the cloud.
Design, document
and export processes.

Library of processes.
Use it for free or import
from other software.

Document intuitively.
Drag, drop, and
directly edit diagrams.

Export in just 1 click.
HTML and Excel formats.

A complete tool.
From analysis to
documentation in one tool.


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Why document processes?

Documenting processes is not a consequence of optimization but an integral part of BPM from the beginning. Before seeking possibilities for improvements, you need to document the “AS IS” process and formalize consensus from the team.

Then you have to document the optimized “TO BE” process, creating parameters to compare results with what was planned.

The goal is to create a database for new processes, up to date indicators, manuals and training.

How to document AS-IS processes

We must have an overview of the company’s products and/or services and value chain activities, putting them in chronological order (some in parallel), define the start and end of the processes.

The main elements are: input and output, systemic functions, those responsible and descriptions of tasks.

Documentation can be made by direct observation, interviews, structured questionnaires and survey meetings (JAD) only those who actually participate in the process.

Take care doing the documentation

Understand the company’s strategic objectives and align the project with them; maintain them in the value chain; choose good indicators; document opportunities for improvement; avoid embracing overly large processes; call the right people to the meetings; use updated business process documentation software; determine a level of depth for the adequacy of information; share information and communicate all the time; align expectations and, this is key: Get the support of the strategic levels of the organization.

Complete repository of ready-to-use documented processes

If you have not had great experiences with process documentation, you will love HEFLO. You can draw diagrams inspired by our ready made business process documentation and diagram library, designed respecting the best practices of BPMN 2.0.

There are several types of processes; Support processes (such as travel requests, employee onboarding and reimbursement) Management (process improvement and non-compliance) as well as some Primary processes (sales and ITIL incident), depending on the necessities of your company.

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Employee commencement and integration process flow!

Make your employees feel comfortable from the first day. This flow includes all previous steps to their arrival and the basic steps for their integration into the team.

Purchase of products or services process flow!

Ensure economy and avoid waste or item shortages with an automated and reliable process: Ordering, item availability checks, purchasing and shipping.

Travel request process flow!

There is nothing better than relying on a standardized process and allowing employees to travel with more ease and confidence. The steps of this process begin with the application followed by the approval, flight and hotel bookings and then the advance and validation of travel expenses.

Use these process flows to build your processes library quickly!

The sooner you register, the sooner you’ll start receiving documented processes. And in a few weeks you will have several practical examples of business process documentation with ready to use diagrams.

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