Controlling the travel request process

Even with the use of collaboration tools at work, cloud computing and home office, it’s not possible, in some activities, to eliminate travel and face-to-face meetings.

And in order for these travel costs, food and accommodation – in many international cases – to be properly checked and verified without error, it’s necessary to model an efficient travel request process.

But where do you start? Who is involved? What are your steps and tasks?

If this is your dilemma at this time, please know that we have a travel request process flow ready for you to use in your company.

In addition to defining agents, tasks and decision-making criteria in line with good market practices, it was created by using free process modeling software.

The flow is fully editable to the needs and particularities of your business, in a very agile way, in the “drag and drop” style.

Download this travel request process template now by visiting this link: Travel Request Process. Just register and start using this and many other process flows from our library.

In addition, you can create the process diagram you want, using a user-friendly and intuitive. cloud-based BPMN tool, accessible from wherever you are, even on mobile devices.

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Travel request process flow

The travel request process flow is relatively straightforward. It has a single gateway and three lanes, corresponding to the Applicant, Finance Department, and the Manager.

So, let’s take a look at what happens in each of these lanes.

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1- Applicant lane

This employee is responsible for initiating the process by submitting a form and the corresponding invoices issued regarding travel expenses to the Finance Department, who will analyze them, as shown in the excerpt in the diagram below:

travel request process 1

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2- Financial Department lane

In this lane, the first task is expenditure analysis. The Finance department then sends this to the manager (in another lane) for reimbursement approval.

Then, upon returning to the Financial Department lane, the latter performs the expense payment and provides the receipt. This event marks the end of the process, see:

travel request process 2

3- Manager lane

The manager’s action may change the direction of the travel request process flow if he doesn’t approve of the expenses.

In this case will lead to the cancellation of the refund, thereby determining the end of this flow.

travel request process 3

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A well controlled travel request process flow is a measure that goes beyond mere waste or unauthorized expense verification’s.

This type of procedure provides more transparency to organizational processes. Therefore, it reduces errors and makes this routine form of accountability more agile and often less embarrassing than the personal delivery of notes and handwritten forms to employees.

With HEFLO, a cloud-based BPMN software, you model processes in a much more agile, intuitive and enjoyable way.

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