Process flow chart examples that every business should have

Managing a business through well-designed and continuously monitored processes brings a number of business advantages: Efficiency, effectiveness, reliable information, ease of data collection and KPIs, as well as help in making tactical and strategic decisions in an agile and assertive way.

Currently, with the availability of BPM Low Code software the use of this form of management has become much more practical and easy to implement in companies.

And if you need some business process flow chart examples to get inspired when it comes to creating your own, stay calm: we have separated 5 of the most important ones so you can download and edit them right away. Just sign up to our free BPM platform.

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5 Ready-to-use process flow chart examples

1- Process flow chart examples: Continuous improvement

One of the most important processes in a company is continuous improvement.

It’s one of the basics of BPM and controlling that process properly is very important.

In this process, anyone in the company can make a suggestion for improvement, which will be studied by process analysts and, if accepted, submitted to the Change Committee.

In the case of approval, you will need to document, request IT changes (if necessary) and then gauge improvements after the new process is in place.

Process flow chart examples - Process ImprovementGet this improvement process flow here:

See more details: Check diagram for continuous process improvement

2- Process flow chart examples: Sales

Every for-profit organization dominates some specific sales process.

Today, especially when it comes to B2B sales, the sales process is advisory and focused on helping the customer realize the value of their company’s solution to solve a problem, need, or desire for it.

In our sales process flow chart example 4 stages are considered: lead identification; qualification; proposal and proof of concept; and negotiation. So, feel free to check it out:

Examples of process maps - Sales process

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3- Process flow chart examples: Hiring

Another key process in a company is hiring employees. After all, without people, there’s no way for a company to function.

This process involves a request from those who need the new employee, the selection of HR curricula, job advertisements, tests and interviews by both HR and applicant, as well as the department manager’s approval to hire.

Process flow chart examples - Hiring processGet this hiring process here:

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4- Process flow chart examples: ITIL service desk

Customer service satisfaction and after sales support have become key processes for customer loyalty and retention.

The secret of this type of process is not only to quickly resolve customer requests, but to create a knowledge bank so that attendants can resolve calls with increasing assertiveness and agility.

Get this ITIL Service Desk process flow chart example:

Click here to know more: Check out the details of the ITIL Service Desk Process Workflow

5- Process flow chart examples: ITIL change management

The business environment is increasingly volatile and unstable. New technologies and markets arise continuously, therefore being prepared for change is a must for any manager.

Process flow chart examples - ITIL Change managementHere’s how to do this with ITIL best practices in change processes:

Take a closer look: ITIL change management: employ best practices

So, were these examples of process flows useful to you? How good are you with BPMN notation? Take a test right now and find out!

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