BPM modelers deserve cloud based workflow software!

Do you spend your days talking about productivity, efficiency, the elimination of bottlenecks and waste and optimizing processes to deliver the highest possible value to your end customer?

And, is your process modeling system itself efficient, does it operate without waste or bottlenecks?

Working with process design without using cloud based workflow software is a contradiction that you and your company can no longer accept.

In the wake of SaaS companies, that use cloud computing and Low Code platforms, cloud based workflow software is not a fad or a trend, it really does add a lot more value to process modeling.

In doubt? Then check out these 5 great reasons to work in the cloud and get results that are better, faster and that cost less, all of which flows on to your customers.

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5 reasons to adopt cloud based workflow software immediately

1- Remote Access

Okay, it seems obvious that cloud based workflow software provides remote access. But what are the advantages of this?

In addition to being able to work from a home office or take advantage of the software on the bus to work, or in an airport lounge awaiting a flight, cloud based workflow software has another unbeatable advantage: adjustments can be made in front of the customer!

Imagine that you’re approving a new workflow (either for an internal or external client) and it suggests a change that seems relevant.

With remote access to your process modeling software, you can make the adjustments right there and test the viability of the suggestion in real time.

Do you want more reasons beyond that? Ok, we have 4 more!

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2 – Collaborative modeling

Different departments (sometimes even companies), professionals, consultants, technicians and even lay people who are aware of the modeling process can give ideas, if necessary.

Cloud based workflow software allows the project owner or sponsor, even if they are not experts in the subject, to analyze the processes on their machines, so you can explain every detail of the flow by sharing the screen, for example.

The quality and amount of feedback from future users is also greatly enhanced by this feature, making optimization more likely.

Also, you can ask a colleague to make adjustments and suggestions on your diagram, without losing your previous version.

Another great feature, is that you can brainstorm, where everyone can add their ideas to the flow in real time.

3- Replicable process library

If you can store your processes in the cloud with ample storage space, you are automatically creating a process library.

You can create cases or hypothetical examples for demonstration. You can also retrieve previous processes that you remember worked well in similar situations. Then, simply replicate them, and save a lot of time by using a proven solution.

BPMN Diagram Examples | Get Started Quickly on HEFLO

4- Save previous versions and progress

Good automated cloud based workflow software saves the previous versions of your diagrams.

This allows for two important things:

  1. You will understand how the idea evolved over time to reach the final result.
  2. To rescue a phase of the process which you discarded and only now perceive as being useful.

Have you ever thought about having to remember what the flow was like when you start modeling a process?

BPM Improvement Cycle and Version Control

How long would that take?

5- Scalability and cost

If your team increases (or decreases) suddenly, imagine having to acquire licenses and install them on machines.

Good cloud based workflow software is usually marketed by the SaaS model. So all you need to do is let your provider know to increase or decrease your access to the software.

Not to mention this saves space on your servers and time spent maintaining them, because you archive everything in the cloud, without even needing a backup.

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What if you had access to cloud based workflow software right now, with all these advantages, and even more, free?

Don’t waste time, find out about HEFLO.

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