Process Optimization Tools: The 7 Most Common Pitfalls

Since the anthological article ‘Myopia in Marketing’ was published by Theodore Levitt in 1960, the desperate focus on products and their optimized production has been replaced by the focus on clients and in meeting their needs and desires.

But, contrary to what many people think, this did not mean that process optimization was no longer so necessary.

On the contrary: efficient, agile processes, without bottlenecks, delays and waste, and which also deliver high value to customers, are no longer a competitive advantage of large companies, they are now a must for any business.

Company productivity has come to be regarded as the minimum level of acceptance. Without it, your organization would be out of the game.

It’s like that guy who decided to add sauce, condiments and fries to the hotdog he sells on the street. Some time later, all his competitors did this. Not including these (ex)competitive advantages would mean being out of the market.

Today, good customer service, CRM techniques, impeccable product positioning, branding, and many other tools and techniques help to market your mission to gain, delight, and retain customers.

But without the right process optimization tools to deliver what customers want with the highest quality by employing as few resources as possible, your business can get into trouble.

Here’s how to choose the right process modeling tools for your business, avoiding some common pitfalls in process optimization tools that are on the market.

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What to avoid when choosing process optimization tools

1 – Perpetual licenses

This practice has become as obsolete as going to a video store (something that no longer exists) to hire a video, instead of using a streaming service on the internet.

SaaS companies, provide software for a monthly payment, which requires less time investment, as well as this, they also constantly do updates.

And if your team size increases or decreases, you don’t have to buy new licenses or have ‘stranded’ staff.

Simply change your access plan to the process optimization tool, and increase or decrease the number of users.

2- Outdated notation

The only acceptable notation for process optimization tools is BPMN 2.0.

There is no point in using notation that the world doesn’t accept. Using current notation allows any new employee or outside consultant to fully understand everything that you model.

3- Process optimization software with Machine installation

Process optimization Softwares should function from the cloud. This frees up space on your machines and servers, and specialist cloud computing companies securely store the information instead.

4- Remote access impossibility

In the same vein as the benefits mentioned above, process optmization tools that can only be accessed from within your company are absolutely anachronistic.

They require a very accessible system, which can allow remote work in other branches and from the home office.

5- Mobile device incompatibility

Process optimization tools which do not allow you to model processes on your smartphone are seriously lacking.

Being able to share information in transit, during meetings, and even driving to work can be an important differentiator in streamlining work in your company.

6- They don’t record previous versions of projects

At each iteration and flow improvement, the tool must keep previous versions archived.  This allows you to document and even consult the evolution of the solution over time.

In addition, keeping all projects archived and accessible is a great way to have a bank of ready-to-replicate workflows.

7- A need for programming code knowledge

Low code-BPM tools, are tools in which users don’t need to know programming code. They are still intuitively and practically editable, provide much more team collaboration, and shorter new member training periods.

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