Reduce costs by mapping and improving administrative processes

Improving administrative processes, an indispensable necessity

Have you ever considered perfectly organizing your financial, tax, accounting, and strategic management areas? Well, by mapping and improving administrative processes you will be able to do all of this, and by doing so, will positively contribute to the expansion of your management capacity and guarantee greater organizational agility.

Understanding and mapping the processes are essential actions to maintaining the health of any company, from the smallest to the largest businesses. By mapping an administrative process, the entrepreneur will be able to clearly understand the sequence of their actions, thus enabling them to manage all of the activities, to trace all metrics and be fully fit to compose and arrive at the final expected result, wholly satisfied.

The difference between the before and after of improving administrative processes is so obvious that end-customers will notice the improvements and quality of services provided.


Cost reduction, organizational control, and improved quality

Among the many benefits of mapping and improving, administrative processes are the reduction of costs due to its war on waste. With full control over each administrative phase of your business, cost reduction will end up being one of the primary results.

Also, you will be able to put together a solid and effective base and demand cohesive guidance of the steps (conduct) that management should follow, both operational and organizational.

When mapping administrative processes you will be able to:

  • Understand and explain to your employees about the importance of the organization and standardization of processes.
  • Define project scope.
  • Draw the current situation of your company.
  • Plan your possible improvements.
  • Identify the major waste bottlenecks.
  • Design the future with a theoretical and palpable basis.
  • Develop an implementation plan.

In addition to the benefits already listed above, it will also be possible to guarantee the transparency of the administrative flow. An essential factor for the administrative and financial health of a company.

An example of the importance of mapping office administrative processes in practice is the success of UPTEC, which replaced its service via e-mail by automating processes.

With mapping and improving administrative processes, we can ensure efficiency in carrying out all activities of the company and improve dialogue between different departments.

Learn more about BPM Business Process Mapping software, a tool that allows you to model, execute and manage business processes creating an agile operation and clear and monitorable management objectives.

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After mapping, create a guide to inform everybody of the changes

From the moment that you have mapped all of the steps and created a flowchart for improving administrative processes, it is important to put together a conduct guidebook. Thus, all employees who are involved with each process will know how to act. See how to do it using HEFLO’s publishing and collaboration portal.

Address and create a set of standards, procedures, and functions as well as their activities and their objectives. Do not forget the instructions and guidelines that should be kept in mind at all stages of the process. One tip is to make a digital guide to facilitate the possible changes and adjustments.

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