Process Automation Consulting: Make Adjustments Online

Those who provide process automation consulting services are dedicated to a multidisciplinary job, involving several professionals, inside and outside the company for which the service is being provided.

This means that information exchanges, integration, and teamwork are critical.

Not just for the final approval of the client or the owner of the process, but for communicating with other team members such as analysts, prospective users, and the people who deal with the day-to-day process at the forefront of the business.

This internal communication work can be very complex, especially when you want to take firm steps towards the improvement and redesign of processes with more assertiveness and security.

Sending diagrams, streams, and documentation via email or even sharing files on drives, becomes tiresome and unproductive.

Is there an alternative to this?

Yes: The HEFLO Collaboration Portal

This online tool allows process outsourcers to disseminate and share information, ask and receive suggestions, generate improvements, approve and maintain process flows and their documentation, which can be archived and easy to find, allowing for previous versions to remain unchanged.

And all this in a practical, intuitive and secure cloud-based application, which can be accessed by any mobile device, anywhere. It has never been easier to communicate with a remote team.

See below all the advantages of the Heflo Portal in process automation consulting.

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Using the HEFLO Portal in process automation consulting services

Organizing your process improvement procedures is critical, promoting more governance and keeping all versions and agents that have improved the process documented and properly archived.

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See all the advantages for those who work in process automation consulting services, to be able to disseminate, share and redesign the processes in a collaborative way, with teams and clients, whether internal or external.

1- Suggestions and feedback

As soon as you finish designing a process in HEFLO, the diagrams and documentation are ready. You can then post them on the portal for the owner of the process to approve, give feedback or ask for changes.

Likewise, analysts can visualize the process, suggest changes, send questions and share ideas with you, all in an organized and yet simple and agile way.

After making your suggestions for improvement, the analyst saves a new version of the process, without the old ones getting lost.

Thus, continuous improvement begins to flow as it is very easy to find previous versions and suggest optimizations whenever a new idea arises.

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2- Perfect documentation archived in the cloud

No more archiving paperwork or digital files, scattered on drives and computers.

With the HEFLO portal all documentation is accessible in the cloud, with an impeccable layout and complete and detailed information.

3- A true library of processes

The process automation consulting service will be streamlined in a way you’ve always wanted:

Previous successful projects, and even the standardization of routines, can be archived in the Portal for future consultations, or to reuse winning solutions or even use them as examples for presentations to clients and process owners.

What’s more, HEFLO periodically offers ready-made process templates for you to study, be inspired by and edit as you wish.

4- Step by step: how to use the HEFLO Collaboration Portal

Watch this video and further understand how process automation consulting work can be highly facilitated with the help of a shared portal:

Business Process Publishing and Improvement

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