Why choose web based workflow software?

Web based workflow software offers a number of advantages for those who need to analyze, look for opportunities for improvement, model and automate processes.

And if this software is marketed in the SaaS model, that is, software provided as a service paid through a monthly subscription, the benefits are even greater.

In this post, you’ll see why most companies are opting for web based workflow software and achieving excellent results.

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The 5 Great Benefits of web based workflow software

In addition to advantages like process optimization, productivity gains and efficiency in your business, when you use web based workflow software, the benefits are even greater.

Take a look at 5 of them:

1- Remote access

Without a doubt digital transformation is already a reality that has changed the way companies and people work.

It’s no longer unusual or different for the home office to be a part of the daily life of many organizations in the world.

Therefore, web based workflow software allows your employees not only to work from home, if this is a company policy; but also in transit, on international trips or even in front of customers, internal or external, who want to better understand the improvements of a certain process diagram.

2- Sharing and collaborative work

Server-based or federally-installed workflow software on every machine in your organization does not allow rapid and agile sharing of process flows in a collaborative way.

With web based workflow software, everyone can collaborate with your ideas and suggestions. This includes those who aren’t process modeling experts, but are process users or even owners.

In this way, the analysis, the search for improvement opportunities and the process modeling will occur with much more assertiveness and speed. Especially if the workflow software is Low Code BPM.

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3 – Scalability and resource economy

As we’ve said, most web based workflow software is SaaS. So you don’t have to buy licenses for each of your machines, nor do installations. Everything is accessed directly over the internet.

And the great advantage is that these SaaS companies offer different types of plans. You can decide which is the best and most suitable tool for you, without creating resource excesses or shortages.

That way, if your team grows or shrinks, simply request a change of plan which allows access to more or less employees. Then, with a few clicks of your mouse, everything will be in accordance with your needs, in a few minutes.

4- Compatibility with mobile devices

Good web based workflow software allows process diagrams to be edited even on smartphones, tablets and notebooks.

Do you need a colleague’s opinion or did they ask you to collaborate on a project in progress? You don’t have to be at home or at the office to start contributing or learning about it. Just use your smartphone to access it.

5- Constant Updates

With each new version of the software, or with every new feature available, it will automatically update. For the entire company and for the teams that use it, depending on the plan you have chosen.

There’s no need to incur costs to pay for new licenses, nor to do installations. It’s a lot more practical and agile.

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With HEFLO, in addition to all these web based workflow software advantages, you have an online library of ready-made processes to use and edit however you like (just register for free via the site).

In addition, it has a collaborative process sharing solution and a platform for your company to find process consultants and for them to disclose their work.

Try HEFLO, intuitive and online business process automation software.

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